The launch of a product or service is a type of corporate event whose objective is for the product to remain in the public’s mind during and after the event. As an the top event management, promotional marketing and online marketing company, op3global, the best event management company in Dubai, works with this type of project every day. So today we bring you some advice that we have compiled with our experience in the field.

The event is an important tool for the birth of a new product, which has an always interesting starting point which is the novelty, and where good communication can strongly impact the audience. As in all events, planning is the most important stage, so the following steps to achieve success should be taken into account.

Define the objectives to be achieved
Determine the number of guests
Determine date, time and style of the event
Find the right place
Make the guest list including actual and potential clients
Select the necessary services and their possible suppliers
Choose business gifts
Define invitation design
Highlight the product in the design of the setting
Make an adequate dissemination plan i.e. media, internet, social networks, etc.
Have allocation of the budget precisely

It is very important to give prominence to the product or service that you want to launch with what highlights the product throughout the setting and it is one of the most relevant topics to boost public motivation.

You can incorporate visual effects, screens, aromas and colors, using colorful materials that are available in the market.

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The space chosen is very important and the creativity used for the product launch event to serve as a networking tool between the entrepreneurs and the invited public, and as a demonstration area of the product or service, but it is essential that it contains a brief opening speech before the demonstration of product followed by lunch or cocktail, as appropriate.

Vital Points to Secure Your Event

There is no doubt that security is one of the fundamental aspects to take into account when organizing an event. Undoubtedly, much progress has been made in this section and the experts in the sector take into account this issue seriously.

You never assume that spaces complies with safety regulations. So it is necessary to verify that each party involved in the event complies with the safety regulations, both the location and external suppliers.

Have an evacuation plan which all the personnel involved know, internal and external.

Check that the evacuation sign is in perfect condition.

Explain the evacuation plan to the attendees of the event at the beginning of the event. You should even distribute the plan in writing.

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