Many people mistakenly believe that the cost of precious stones stops at diamonds, but naturally there are also others that are beautiful and rare, in which prices exceed the price of diamonds, and sometimes significantly. If you are looking for the perfect ring to ask your loved one to marry you, choose a ring with precious stones from this list and rest assured that she will certainly say ‘Yes’. Afterwards, you can give your woman the earrings, necklace and other jewelry items. Here you will see the two most expensive gemstones in the world for earrings fashion

1 – Poudretteite

It is a rare pink mineral that was first discovered in 1987 in Quebec, Canada. It was named in honor of the Poudrette family, which still owns the same mine in the mountain of Saint-Hilaire, where the first sample was found.

Surprisingly, high quality stones only started to appear on the market in 2000 after a few stones were found in northern Mogok, Burma. Since 2005, the mine in Mogok seems to be increasingly empty as no more stones were found there. On the other hand, the Canadian quarry made known to the world about 300 stones of different quality. Depending on the color saturation and purity of the stones, the cost of Poudretteite stone can cost about 5 millions, so it will definitely make the best earrings.

2 – Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the most famous stones in the jewelry industry, and in mining it is called corundum. It has a deep blue color, but less often also pink, green and orange-yellow. The most famous mines of these minerals are found in India, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, the United States, Australia, Burma, Sri Lanka, China and Madagascar.

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Although none of these stones is expensive, there is only one that can be appreciated for its incredible color, the padparadscha sapphire which means ‘the color of dawn’. It is a rosy orange sapphire, and is historically extracted in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Madagascar. Now it is almost impossible to find it in its natural form, and it is usually created artificially heating the mineral corundum in the oven until the desired state is achieved.

The last mineral of padparadscha sapphire weighs about 1.65 carats and was sold in Sri Lanka about 20 years ago for the price of 18,000 dollars. Today, if it weighs more than five carats, it is considered collectible and can be evaluated up to 30 thousand dollars per carat. The rarest and highest quality of Sapphire specimens on the world market can be purchased for about 4 to 6 thousand dollars per carat. Now you can buy the best sapphire earrings online from

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