If you are a person who needs to sharpen his or her pencils almost every time, then getting an electric pencil sharpener is the best investment that you can make and here I will give you a few suggestions which of the brands you might want to buy.

1 – Bostitch SuperPro 6

It has the best auto shutoff feature, which you will never find in any other type of electric pencil sharpener. It is also available in different colors, so there is no issue when you are willing to choose one. It is large in size, store a good amount of shavings, so you don’t have to clean it every now and then. You can use it for years, as the blades and motor used in this one is of very high quality.

It is 75% sharper and faster as compared to other normal electric pencil sharpeners in the market. It is easy to clean also, and makes a perfect gift for any artist who uses pencils the most. It will stay 12 times more sharp as compared to other electric pencil sharpeners in the market, it will save you money also as it will last longer as compared to other ones money

2 – Bostitch QuietSharp 6 

If you are looking for a sharpener that will make no noise at all, this is the one that you must get. It is not only light in weight but also costs you less, and gives you more features as compared to the other normal pencil sharpeners in the market. You can switch it off or on or you can use the automatic settings on it that will help you to save your time.

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With all the features that it has, it is also very attractive, and not boring in design like the other extra features pencils sharpeners. It looks very appealing on shelf, table or on the desk. It is tamper proof, and the shavings after sharpening the pencil is automatically saved in the bin it has. You may need to clean that bin on a regular basis for achieving best results from this pencil sharpener. It has 6 holes that can sharpen 6 different kinds of pencils, such as in quality and in size. It is 4 pounds in weight, very impressive with the feature as it is quite.

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