There are only a few metropolises in the whole world that more or less every person may be able to claim that he or she has heard of and also have a deep desire to visit once in his or her lifespan at least. These metropolises contain the names of New York, Paris, London and Venice and the city of Dubai in the UAE is surely in this list of the these famous metropolises. Dubai is definitely an international centre to have the business along with pleasure to the most exciting levels. There is no doubt that is core point regarding the trade between west and east, in addition, it one of the main tourist fascinations across the globe. In this post, I would tell you about a few of the greatest resorts in Dubai which you can choose when you plan to have your trip in this city.

1 – Madinat Jumeriah

It is also known as Arabian Resort, it really sends you back in time as it has the longstanding Arabian style theme in it. It appears to be like an island with massive area of the land consisting of 2 kilometres of a private beach. It has 2 boutique hotels, banqueting centre, many summer houses along with a plenty of amenities which allow let you be indulged in the endless entertaining activities you can ever think of doing. Its retro wind towers and waterways truly magnify the old-fashioned Arabian feeling in this resort of Dubai, which is one of the major causes for the tourists to give it preference when they plan to say at a resort in Dubai as they inculcate get to feel the Arabian Nights.

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2 – Ritz Carlton Dubai

Unlike its siblings in other cities of the world, the Ritz Carlton Dubai has all the features of a world class resort rather than a mere hotel. It is well known for its Arabian hospitality and people from around the world are well acquainted with the luxury that can be found in a Ritz hotel. Add 350 meters of white sand beach to the equation, and you get the complete holiday experience. Its close proximity to Dubai’s main shopping malls is an added bonus.

All of these resorts in Dubai are extremely charming and you would assuredly fall in love with these resorts and would also have a desire to come back whenever you get a chance.

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