InTENSity Micro Combo Microcurrent and TENS Combo

The InTENSity Micro Combo unit is versatile and highly effective when it comes to giving you great pain relief when you need it most. Used by sufferers of muscle and joint pain, it allows for a high level of control when it comes to the kind of therapy you receive. And it works within your own lifestyle, so it’s not one to weigh you down or show you up in public. Modern and stylish, it brings you the cutting edge of pain relief, with a high level of responsiveness that allows you to create a pain relief program that suits you and your lifestyle.

The unit offers four TENs modes and three extra micro-current modes. The user can really adapt the unit so that it attacks the pain they have. And this high level of customization brings complete control too.

The unit also comes in a hard case with a plethora of accessories that really make it easy to be mobile with your pain relief. It also has a safety lock that works powerfully, cutting off the output when it becomes dangerous for the user to receive it. Adaptors and batteries are supplied, so you get everything you need create a pain relief system from the moment you open the box.

InTENSity Twin Stim III TENS and EMS Combo

The InTENSity Twins Stim III is an incredibly efficient TENS machine that comes complete with a powerful mains adaptor, so you don’t have to worry about the power source when you need the machine the most. Long-term pain sufferers always need to have their pain relief close to hand, and knowing that it is easy to charge is incredibly important.

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The TENS part of the unit has four modes as part of the package. These are burst, normal, Mod 1 and Mod 2. The four modes when put together are a complete package for anyone who needs a versatile level of pain relief. This is most often the case for long-term pain sufferers, who have to adapt their pain relief to meet the needs of small nuances of pain throughout the day.

The EMS part of the unit has three distinct modes attached. These modes are synchronous, asynchronous and delay. Again, these three modes allow for greater flexibility when it comes to managing pain relief.

The unit looks stylish and modern, and it should not look out of place in a handbag or coat, so you won’t feel embarrassed to carry it around with you. This makes for a perfect package for pain relief.

1 – InTENSity Hybrid TENS Analog and LED Digital, 5 Mode and Timer

InTENSity Hybrid TENs unit, with digital and analogue functioning is a real asset for anyone who has pain relief as an issue, with muscular and joint pain. The unit has five modes and an incredibly effective timer that allows for ease of use and accuracy too.

The five modes are as follows: burst, modulation, constant, SD1 and SD2 technology. These offer a wide variety of therapy modes that should make it easy for anyone who needs to have a constant handle on their therapy. Sometimes it is important to be able to fine-tune the treatment you are receiving. This unit allows you to do this.

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Safety is also an important aspect, with a safety amplitude cap that prevents the user from accidentally turning up the power to the extent where they can do some harm to themselves.

The processor included within the unit allows users to have an incredible level of accuracy. This is possible due to the fact that the processor brings digital technology to the TENs experience. The unit also comes in a hard plastic carrying case, with the electrodes included too, so you get all that you need to start applying great pain relief from the very start.

2 – Fuego TENS unit + HEAT Electrodes with 9 Preset Programs

The Fuego TENS unit + HEAT electrodes with 9 preset programs is a unique device in that it provides a two stage attack on pain. Heat and TENs pulses are the most widely recognized methods for treating muscular pain, and this machine provides therapy with both these methods. This means that you are gaining high quality pain relief through one unit, with double the impact.

The first thing you will notice about the unit is that it has what is quite possibly the most comprehensive and easy-to-read instruction manual you will ever see. The steps outlined are clear and always understandable, and it makes what could have been a complicated unit very simple to use.

You get four pads with the unit so you can start with the pain relief immediately, rather than have to go out and buy pads down at the pharmacy.

You get a number of treatment modes, including shoulder and waist, so you have further flexibility in how you use the unit. However, the main feature of this unit is the fabulous ability to use both pain therapies. This makes the unit a natural choice for anyone who has undergone the trauma of long-term muscular pain.

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