Going to Dubai is one thing. Having to fine the best deals is another. You are an extremely lucky person if you went on a holiday and you get to have the best deals of the places you want to visit. The holiday packages usually try to include as much facilities to the guests as possible yet there might be a few thing a guest will want o do and the package does not offer it. I the person I has a good deal on the hotel, he might not have that good of a deal anywhere else. The priorities of people does vary from one person to another that what he wants to do first or what is the one thing that might not even be a part of his plan.

Desert safari is a known activity of Dubai. People heading to the city for vacations have are offered the best deal all around if they go at the right holiday’s time. The person needs to be adventurous for being a part of the ultimate fun. Desert safari is a chance for the people to see the most famous side of Arab, the desert. Usually any interested people need to do their homework for the task. Find an authentic company, taking help from the internet or any guidance from around will help you escape frauds. Then look for the budget you have and which trip can you afford. Lastly take a look at the deals that companies offer for the adventure

1 – Morning Safari

This trip is lower in cost than the other two. This package offers very less if you were looking for fun but this is enough to give you an experience you were willing for. For the start the car pick the person up in the morning. As they head to the desert for dune bashing, they are also offered the second rife of the desert, Camel ride. Being in a desert and not being sporty might just be more boring than you just heard. Sand Skiing has been made a part of the trip for making this trip worth remembering.

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2 – Evening Trip

This trip is comparatively more expensive than the morning trip yet it has the true experience of the desert safari and the Arabian partying experience. The ride picks up from any point in Dubai and Sharjah in the afternoon. The first thing is the ride through the desert also known as dune bashing. After 20-30 minutes the guests are taken for sun set photography along with a camel ride. Later the show starts featuring the belly dancing with an open bar but the payments to be done by the person himself. To give the true Arabian experience the henna painting along with a relaxing Hubbllee Bubblee (shisha).

This is something that you must not miss, Make sure that you take your family with you on amazing trip of Dubai desert safari, as they will always remember it.

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