Are you worried about spending leisure time with your kids? Or are you facing a communication gap with your kids due to busy office schedules? Here, we provide you the best therapy to kill leisure time, as effectively as in former times. Here is the list of a few best family game consoles which you should opt for all the family members to give them the best entertainment therapy.

1 – Microsoft Xbox Series

This play station is best for kids of all ages even elders can find it very interesting. A lot of versions are available for Xbox including Xbox One and Xbox One S. These Microsoft games are highly rated all over the world and considered best of all the family video games available. Xbox 360 is another version which is considered best for the kids who are playing it for the first time, just a little easier version of the game, giving them understanding about the difficult versions of the game

Apart from that Xbox 360 is suitable for kids of all ages, elder ones can enjoy it by playing directly and the younger ones can only get themselves entertained by watching it. Few violent games like Resident Evil, Call of Duty Black Ops and Grand Auto Theft are also available but obviously you should not consider them for your kids because this may leave bad impact on their minds as their minds are in constant phase of learning in the younger ages.

2 – Nintendo 3Ds

Normally certain video games offer 3D glasses giving a more effective environment, making you believe as if you are the part of the game yourself. But the latest version of Nintendo series introduced a 3D effect with a touch screen game that does not require use of 3D goggles, and even more electrifying for your kids.

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3 – Sony Play Station 4 Slim

PS games are all time favourite for the kids and best family video games available. Now a latest version of PS4 is launched which has a slim body including its heavy hardware, and you do not need to connect it to TV giving you more 4K graphics in a friendlier manner as compared to older series.

You can try considering more family responsive and interactive video game console and games for your kids and hopefully this article has helped you to find the best one for all of your family members.

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