There are 3 types of kids clothing that you can find i.e. clothes for the current season, clothing for the next season and clothing for the next year. For example, in the summer sales, you can buy summer clothes for your child, or clothes for autumn that is something bigger, or clothes for the following summer that you can keep at home until needed.

1 – Buy Kids Clothing of the Current Season

This option is the one you should prioritize if you see that your child does not have enough clothes to wear at the present time. It is undoubtedly the type of clothes with which it is easier to hit the purchase since you only have to think about what you need and buy the size you are spending for.

2 – Buy Kids Clothing for the Following Season

If you choose this option, you may want to consider that you need one or two bigger sizes than the one your kids is wearing at the moment. This is especially important for babies, who change sizes very often, as you surely know, from the time they are born to the year, and depending on the brand, there are up to 5 sizes of clothing.

Knit jackets and t-shirts are the two garments that usually look good even if you have not hit the one hundred percent with the size. However, trousers or skirt, or a baby body that has become small will no longer be able to be used because they will be uncomfortable, so these garments are ideal in case you need them to use immediately. Inside the pants, the ideal is to look for those with an adjustable waist to narrow them, so even if you buy them a little big, you can reduce them, and they will last longer. Personally, I love this system, I find it essential at these ages. In prenatal, you will find pants with this system, which they call ‘waistband with adjustable internal elastic’.

3 – Buy kids clothing for the Following Year

Among tips to buy clothes for kids on sale, I personally do not recommend this option before the kid is two years old, when you know very well the pace of growth of your kid and you can really anticipate and know a year ahead if it will spend one or two more sizes.

At this point, my recommendation is that you buy kids clothing that your child can wear over several seasons, just in case you do not make the estimation of everything well. For example, an inner tank top can be used to go home in summer, but also as winter innerwear.

If you want to take advantage of the discounts to buy bigger clothes, but you do not know how to calculate the size that your kid will use, I recommend that you use the WHO percentile tables for boys and girls. It is true that kids can change percentile throughout their life, but it is a tool that can help you estimate weight and length that your kid will have in a few months or a year.

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