With having best standards and a misfortune last year, Samsung Galaxy is back with a bang. Galaxy’s two new models are taking over the internet like a storm. Who expected this response after explosives, if you know what I mean. But then Galaxy offers a good feature-full offer to its buyers. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the new models which everyone is looking forward to use. Galaxy Plus always has some advantage over the Galaxy edge. But after knowing the features of Galaxy S8 Plus many would not mind paying a little extra for all those features. There are lot of reason why you should choose to buy S8 Plus over any other phone.

Samsung has provided the world with the best products from years. It defines quality in the way that guarantees the users to be provided with the best and for any loss to be fulfilled by any way possible. People who are the user of Samsung do not recommend any other phone company to the people. This defines the trust of people on the company. So the basic answer to “why buy a Galaxy S8 Plus?” has the most simple answer, “Because it is Samsung

1 – Advanced Features

The phone has come up with advanced features. It came up with public demand of a big screen smartphone. Well then here is screen is made big enough to cover entire front body of phone. Bezel-less front of phone enables the screen to expand, wide enough to cover the entire front of the phone. People who are tired of keeping a tablet and a phone, looking for an alternative to keep a single thing, this is the best device you can have.

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2 – New Look

Galaxy has improved its look for the S8 Plus model is known to be the most stylish model amongst all Galaxy models ever introduced. The sleek design with a curved display, yes a curved display, just make the phone look way more attractive and eye catching. Everything that is slowly coming into the light about the Galaxy S8 design seems to be highlighting an extraordinary attraction towards itself. It has 6.2-inch screen greater than S8 Edge. Muted colors of Galaxy S8 include Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, and Arctic Silver. Who can take their eye and hands off this beauty when it’s around?

3 – Extra Features

The Galaxy S8 has other enhanced features that include fingerprint scanner and face recognition software these enable the user to unlock the phone in no time even though they may seem difficult to use the first time buy gradually once you get used to of it, you know how it enjoy it. The Camera has been improve with a 12MP camera which is the best installed camera which is so far the being installed in the smartphones.

The extra feature to the camera gives the photos a magical touch. These features are yet very less to know what’s inside the Samsung Galaxy S8. You have to buy it to try it.

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