Everyone wants to have a magazine garden, but a very few invest time or money in creating and maintaining it. The incredible gardens that we see in the magazines, houses or buildings, were not created alone or remain alone, we must make efforts to think about them, plan them, work them and keep them as they are. Every landscape designer has his or her style and rules. But for most, the first rule to follow is ground observation. In this post, we will see a few mistake people make when they try to do it on their own and you should handle them.

1 – View, Analyze and Correct

Look at the space where you want to make your garden. See if the terrain is level, if it gets the exposure to the sun all day or if there are large trees creating too much shade within this space.

If you do not observe these details before you begin, you may end up killing your new plants for the reason that they will not adapt to the place where they will be planted. Perhaps the terrain is malnourished or dried due to the roots of a huge tree. You may be overpowering the water in certain places where there is unevenness. It can also happen that the sun hits the ground so hard that more than a yard, it looks like a dune in the Sahara desert. In the end, none of these conditions are good for creating your new garden.

Before choosing your plants, you have to correct or modify any faults that the terrain may have, including eliminating the weeds. If you do not do it in advance, you run the risk of eventually killing your new plants and end where you started.

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It is best to level and remove the first layers of soil to throw new and fertile soil. You can fertilize the soil with organic compost. You can also prune some branches of your old trees, so that the sunlight passes, or instead sow some ornamental trees to create shade. Also this is the perfect time to install an irrigation system and do not fuss after the garden is finished.

2 – Choose Plants

When you go to a nursery to select your plants, you will notice that these already come with indications of the type of environment they need to live. You will see that there is a section of shade plants, another one for plants of pure sun and in between the plants that prefer filtered light.

You have to choose plants according to each section of your garden based on areas with shade and the areas with exposure to sunlight. It seems super logical, but there are a lot of people who are not informed and sowed without taking this into account.

3 – Place

Another important detail is where we place the plants in our garden. Once you know the height and width to which they can grow, plan your garden by placing the taller ones in the back and the smaller ones in the front.

Also make sure that growing does not obstruct an entry or perhaps the view from your window. There are plants that grow slowly and with good annual pruning, it is enough to keep them in place. But there are others that grow too fast and erratically and these can create problems especially if they have thorns.

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