1 – Physical Space

There is no other factor that significantly affects the exposure. If it is a tiny space, an open area, a hall with five entrances, a garden, in all cases the physical space is a fundamental condition for an exhibition. All the production and assembly are delimited by the physical space and is, of course, the first thing to ensure. If there is no physical space, there is no exposure in the exhibition.

2 – The Musealization

If you have a bit of luck, we will be exhibiting in a museum, but the chances of this happening are unpredictable, and frankly rare for the novice artists. However, the most ordinary thing is that we can find some hall in a university, a wall in a restaurant or a garden to present the exhibition of photos. Then it will be necessary to musealize the place, that is, to make it a space for the exhibition.

I think that it is always important to use the space in a creative way. The first thing that comes to mind is to mount a series of tables where the photographs will be placed and that is, at the very least, boring. Today, there are so many options of media, materials, printing techniques with which the space can really become a work of art in its own right.

In the physical space, it is essential to determine the number of entrances or exits for the reason that this implies a synchronous arrangement as people enter on one side and are forced to follow a route until leaving. But when you make an exhibition with multiple entrances and exits, a garden, for example, you have no control over the visitor’s journey, so that there is a risk that the observer may skip some important exhibits.

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3 – Budget

It is easy to synthesize the idea that you never have enough money. But it is fundamental to calculate how much will be spent in the whole process of exhibition. If we want to get sponsorship or publicity, you usually will have to submit a cost map. You will never have enough money and Murphy’s Law will lead you to spend inescapably, the most in the least. But yes, it is fundamental to plan the budget very well for the reason that you always have to leave a generous reserves for the wine of honor and canapés, of course. It’s not nice to do accounts, but that’s life.

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