There are three important factors that are highly considerable when you are buying a shirt and select a size in specific. In this post, we will see all the three factors.

1 – Neck

It is important and decisive in case of buying a shirt to wear with tie, since it is more closed and the measure that we must take is the Adam’s apple. In case the model we select does not contain the size information in centimeters, there are always tables of equivalent measurements. We must then choose the size that is precisely adjusted, preferably counting two centimeters more for greater comfort.

2 – Sleeves

These should be slightly long, exceed your wrist and hint to reach the beginning of the hand. I repeat to insinuate, that is to say that they go a little, just a little down in the way between the wrist and the base of the thumb and it is an accurate measurement.

3 – Body

The best way to know the perfect length is to take a suitcase and try to put it in the upper compartments for luggage in the cockpits, then sit for 4 hours and if on arrival you still have it inside the pants, it is the perfect size.

It is important to take precautions when selecting your shirt size to be comfortable with what you wear and you have more pleasant days. And on the other hand, regardless of the fabric from which your shirt is made, these will shrink a little in the first wash and even more throughout their useful life, especially most of us use dryers for the process of washing. Even more when ironing, whenever our garments go through high temperatures, the fabric changes and tends to shrink and becomes damaged, so it is best to avoid very precise size of your shirt.

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As final recommendation, remember to wash all your garments using cold water to a maximum of 30° C and avoid the dryer if possible and always try to have natural dryness as the first choice. You must pay the closest attention to every detail at the time of washing and ironing the shirts for the reason that we can damage it and change the size if we do not do it in the correct way. Well, when you buy your cool shirts and if you take a fair size, you could run the risk of not enjoying it for its full life.

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