Most homeowners do keep a screwdriver lying around in their garage in case the need arises. However, with modern technology and advanced machinery, the range of screws used on home appliances is becoming more and more diverse. As a result, the same screwdriver cannot be used against the varying sizes and shapes of screws. This doesn’t stop many people from trying, which results in considerable damage to the screw, the fixture, as well as the screwdriver.

After establishing the need for keeping a screwdriver set in the house, it is then imperative that you choose one that will fulfill your specific needs. A number of factors have to be taken into account, and we will briefly discuss them separately.

1 – Durability

The build quality of the screwdriver is of paramount importance if you want to avoid going to the store to buy another set soon. It is also important if you require it for difficult tasks which require strength and more force, like digging out screws from a strong material. That is why many screwdrivers come with a strong chrome-vanadium alloy steel shaft that is rust resistant. Such shafts also tend to live longer as they are better equipped to bear the brunt of the gritty work. Sets like that of the Williams belong to such a durable category. The handle should also be made of high quality plastic, as many cheap handles come off the shaft if considerable force is applied.

2 – Additional Features

Many screwdrivers come equipped with additional features like stronger grips or more comfortable ones. Many come with precision turning caps which allow for easy turning, or thumb stops for better handling.

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3 – Range

You will find sets which contain close to a hundred pieces and you will find those that contain only four. So it is important that you get your priorities straight. While we advise that you keep as many pieces as possible, if restrained by a smaller budget, it is better to go for fewer but more durable pieces. Big range sets like the Performance Tools may offer a lot of variety, but they fall hard when it comes to durability. So you may have to make that hard choice between variety and durability.

I am sure you are looking for some brand options, if you go to this page, you can find the options with a variety of popular brands which are offering the best screwdriver sets.

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