For the family gaming in your family game consoles, you are looking for the ultimate features that will enhance the gaming experience and lets you have the ultimate moves as well. Other than connectivity, there are some other things such as variations of games, speed, performance, video outcome and multiplayer options are quite an affair that you want to consider. Along with that, kids in the family are another important factor, so you need to filter the games and other things for the kids so they will only have the productive and constructive games on their list and could get the things in a better way.

Here is the list of top five and most promising family game consoles that will provide you with the ultimate performance, high-end features, and utility supports to manage the gaming schedule and other things that are important and you need to have in your family game console

1 – Xbox One S

Microsoft provides the slimmer, better looking and attractive but strong enough gaming console that have all the upgraded hardware and software to bring the best gaming experience for you. It gives you the best 4K video stream along with HDR content display to give the best experience of gaming and enjoy with all of its details. Other than that, the ultimate memberships and subscriptions get you the best games available to play according to your choices.

2 – PlayStation 4 Slim

The next one on the list is the PlayStation 4 slim, just like its name it is the sleeker and more compact version of the regular PS4. Although it is slimmer and sleeker but the performance guarantees the best for you and completely compatible for home entertainment centre. It brings the plethora of exclusive titles and can stream from multiple platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO, YouTube, and many others.

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3 – Nintendo Wii U

Although Nintendo Wii U is not hat powerful as the Xbox or PlayStation but it is still attractive for the people due to the exclusive library of Super Mario and Legend of Zelda titles.

4 – Nvida Shield Pro

It is another amazing selection that brings the best for you in the package, the powerful chipset lets you have the display of Android gaming titles and fulfill all your casual gaming needs.

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