Dubai is the ultimate vacation spot everyone wants to head to. The city is known for its luxuries. Life in Dubai serves its guests with the best. One cannot simply have the true Dubai experience without the international Cuisine experience. Dubai being one of the most advanced cities of the world has visitors from worldwide. Adopting multiple cultures, Dubai gives an ultimate experience of international cuisine. The JBR Dubai provides the visitors with the best facilities but is also famous for its international cuisine restaurants. The famous JBR restaurants are definitely worth the try Restaurants

1 – Maine Oyster Bar & Grill

The American cuisine experience at the edge of Dubai’swidespread coastline. The MAINE Oyster Bar & Grill has the ultimate view to enjoy your meal. Bringing the culture of North American roots to Dubai restaurant. Head Chef Liam Breen, serves a slice of culinary craving to those in search of an exceptional dining experience. No sea-vie meal can do justice without seafood towers, fashionable crudo and oyster galore. This family restaurant serves you with the best quality food with a huge variety in the menu and reminds you of the way life should be.

2 – Rosso

Looking for a classy place to have a meal in Dubai. Rosso, JBR is where you need to head to. The Italian restaurant gives its customers the elegance they wish to see. Serving international beverages and Italian food, the passionate team will definitely recommend you to have a taste of their homemade pastas and Risottos.The exotic wine bar from Enoteca or the variety of cocktails of your choice for the customers to relax at the bar. The indoor dinning experience will entertain you with the live cooking along with the wood fired pizza oven or al fresco as enjoy your view of the sunset at the Arabian Gulf.

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3 – Noodle Room

Asian food lovers, need not to worry heading to Dubai. You defiantly have The Noodle Room waiting to serve you with the best quality food. The dedicated staff is passionate to serve you with its good Asian food and the welcoming hospitality you deserve. Orient will not be the only option you will have to head to for this exotic and delicious cuisine. It’s your time to discover why the city is heading toward The Noodle Room.

4 – Tike

Feel like relaxing while having your meal? Tike is where you need to head to for your fine dining relaxing experience. This is exactly the place you look for to relax and satisfy your taste buds with mouthwatering Turkish cuisine. The splendid food with a relaxing, lay back atmosphere is where you need to head to with your family.

These JBR Dubai restaurants are surely worth visiting time and again.

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