Screwdriver sets are a must have for all those people who want to do the small grind work themselves in their house. It is annoying when a tiny loose screw can disturb your life to such an extent that it is definitely better to keep a screwdriver around. And when the irritating screws comes in so many shapes and sizes, it can be even more irritating trying to fix it with a screwdriver of a different size.

That is why it is imperative for homeowners to keep a screwdriver set on site so that any loose screw emergency or some light handiwork can be done without having to call a handyman or fumble with the wrong equipment. So here are some screwdriver sets that you can choose from.

1 – Dewalt DWHT62513 10 Piece

For those not wanting to go big, the 10-piece Dewalt will do nicely. Half slotted and half Phillips, the set covers the commonest sizes of screws from small to large. The range is obviously limited as 10 pieces don’t even go near to completing the screw size range, but for such a price this is what you get. The handle rubber is firm and of good build quality, like the company is well known for. Screws of XL or XS size are, however, beyond the scope of this set.

2 – Performance Tool W1721 100 Piece

The set to go for if you want it all, the Performance Tool is a mammoth 100-piece set along with a workman’s pouch. As expected from its extremely reasonable price, the build quality leaves a lot left to be desired. However, the sheer variety can prove to be very beneficial for your home-based needs.

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3 – Williams 100-P 19-MD Premium 19 Piece

The company added the word premium to the title so that you are aware of what you are getting at such a price. The screwdrivers are top of the line, with very strong build quality along with support for wench attachment as well as a very strong grip. That is why this is the set to opt for when faced with a difficult task.

4 – Klein Tools 85078 Cushion Grip

This is an 8-piece electrician-friendly set which includes 4 Phillips, 3 keystone, and a cabinet-tip. They aren’t magnetic, but are certainly comfy to hold and durable.

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