With people having a growing interest in Kayaking, this market is coming up with the newest and advanced models. These models are full of features which can facilitate people to maximum extent. People also choose to go with most beneficial offers rather than simple ones which later, will need to be worked upon. People do have a growing interest upon this sport. Companies who are launching kayaks are achieving higher targets of producing more and more advanced products. Here is a list of 2017 of the best kayak reviews as the following models have made it to the list of the top 5. The buyers of these models are every happy with the results and recommend them to the other prospective buyers of the kayaks.

1 – Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler

This model made it to top, it consists of a spot which is designed beautifully with a molded-in seat well. This model has hulls around to have a smooth ride through calm waters. It has one of most elegant fishing kayaks around. Tank of this model is SCUBA gear. This model has two main built inbuilt-in rod holders as well.

2 – Coleman 2-Person

This model has the powerful 18-gauge body. It also has a multi-air chamber which makes it suitable for lakes and rivers, where the sticks or even rocks may come in the way. If one is not a very big fan of the hard-bid kayaks then this model is definitely worth the buy for that person. This model also have paddle holders which provide convenience to the kayaker. It is easily inflatable and deflate-able. It has the feature of trolling motor compatible as well.

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3 – Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100

Six different color choices are available for this product. It has a foot bracing system which makes the process of paddling, easier and the paddler has longer energy than the other models do. It also has an integrated cup-holder along with a few gear pockets to keep everything you want is available nearer to you. The features also consists of two orbixhatche, it has bungees for securing large gear for better control of the Kayak. It has a front and rear carrying handles as well.

4 – Lifetime Sport Fisher

The body of this product is ten feet long and has enough space for two people to fit in. It has the total weight limit is 500 pounds. Fishing while standing has also been made easier with its tunnel hull design. This design help the kayaker to tackle the big fishes. The product has two paddles for easier ride. The scupper holes are present to drain the cockpit for excessive water or dirt. In case there is a high pressured wind in the area where you are riding, I would say that this model is not suitable for you.

The company critics and reviews are mostly available to the interested people on many related websites and media groups. The details about company then leads to the details of the products. There are hundreds of products which have hundreds of models. The buyer needs to go through the detail of the models to choose the model, or at least, short list the models he or she considers better.

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