Do you want to buy a bass guitar? It is a musical instrument that is never attributed the merit it has. There will always be the person who tells you that the bass is not heard, that it does not sound, what good it is for, but you do the test, if suddenly you are listening to a group and you see that the bass player stops playing, you will feel that something has happened. The essence, the base, the force, the union between the percussion and the melody of a good subject, usually takes the bass.

Fundamentally the bass comes from its predecessor the contrabass. In the mid-1950s, this huge instrument was replaced by smaller ones with similar sound qualities, allowing more ease of execution and making the instrument more accessible to learn to play.

Whether you buy an electric bass guitar or an acoustic bass, the decision depends a lot on the style of music you want to play. The most common basses are used to make music like pop, rock, metal and blues. If you want to play this type of music you can buy a solid body electric bass guitar. There are other types which offer a more specific sound and will bring you closer to more defined styles of music such as jazz and a fret bass.

Although buying a bass guitar is not predetermined and static, the decision is usually subject to learning, ease and budget.

Acoustic Bass Guitar

The acoustic bass usually consists of 4 strings and is ideal for making music in acoustic, and above all, it is very practical to practice at home because you do not need to use an amplifier, so you will not disturb the neighbors. Usually, it has less sound power than an electric bass.

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Electric Bass Guitar

It is a fundamental instrument in any music group since it constitutes the very foundations of any musical ensemble. The essence of a bass is its serious, warm sound, which completely fills the environment and gives an immense sense of strength in music.

Fretless Electric Bass

The important thing this one is its sound quality. It affects the sound leading to a feeling of musical binding, that is, the sounds can travel from bass to treble and from treble to bass without being cut.

Semi-Electric Bass Guitar

It creates a warmer feel, having a sound box, the sound is not only amplified electronically but also creates a natural amplification that generates a slightly warmer sound.

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