It will come as no surprise when you will be faced with a lot of confusion when going shopping for a screwdriver set that satisfies your needs. The sheer variety of companies that offer their products in this regard as well as the range of packages that they offer is bound to baffle even the more technical homeowners. That is why we will guide you through the process and give you a few pointers as to exactly what things you need to look for.

1 – Build Quality

The main concern that arises among handymen is the vulnerability of a screwdriver to wear and tear or pressure. Here we will discuss the shaft and the handle separately. The shaft is mostly made of steel for its sheer strength. However, there are many companies that now offer shafts made of a chrome-vanadium-molybdenum alloy. This particular structural adjustment renders the shaft rust resistant as well as considerably increases its life. This is bound to be advantageous in the long run, as well as give you the extra strength required to combat with stubborn screws wedged in the wrong places.

Moving on to the handle, they are usually made of plastic with a somewhat rubber covering for stronger grip. The quality of the plastic varies with different companies too, like the Williams set which offers a very hard, break-resistant handle on its screwdrivers. The handles also tend to come off if too much pressure is put on the screwdriver, so the build quality of the handle is of paramount importance.

2 – Variety

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Another thing to ponder on before going ahead and making the choice, is the exact range of screwdrivers that you require. This is because the market offers a very wide range from the 10-piece Dewalt to the 100-piece Performance Tools set. So it is imperative that you figure out the size and type of screwdrivers that you require. Most sets contain both slotted and Phillips, but you will not find micro screwdrivers in most sets. And if you want more than just screwdrivers, then the Performance Tools set is the likely choice to adopt.

3 – Additional Features

If your pockets are deep enough, you can certainly go for sets that offer screwdrivers armed with additional features. These include rough rubber coverings on the handle, fine knobs on the handle for easier turning, and thumb stops for a better grip. And it goes without saying here, that non-magnetic screwdrivers are really too redundant now for us to remind you to get the magnetic ones.

4 – Price

Coming on to the pricing department, it comes as no surprise that the higher you go, the better quality you are able to acquire. However, there are some sets like the Dewalt and the Craftsman that offer a good durable quality for an affordable and reasonable price too. Sets like the Williams offer much better build quality, but they come at a price that may be too much for the average consumer. Now you can click here for the best screwdriver set available at the best rates.

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