In this article you will know about the 4 best drain cleaners that are not only easy to use, but are also very budget friendly. 

1 – Plumber Drain

It is one of the best, if you are on a low budget. It is 100% chemical free, which means that you can use it around kids, as there is no harm caused by it. It is made from a colorless, and odor less which is potent only for cleaning the drains, each pack can be used for 15 times in order to clean the drain. Do not keep it somewhere where it can catch fire. Only keep in a cabinet or closed space. It works within few minutes and the results will also last longer also check more information Professional Plumbing Glossary.

2 – Comstar Bead Drain

This is a different cleaner as compared to the other ones, you may think how? The answer is, that it comes in form of beads, as you have to put it In the drain, they will dissolve resulting you in a cleaner drain. No issues, save time and easy to use. The beads will only react if there is any water, so make sure to pour little bit of water when you throw in the beads so they can actually start their work. Another important thing is that when the beads have started to act you will know that easily, as you can see a foam kind of structure forming in the drain.

3 – Pure Lye Beads

As the matter of its working capacity is concerned, don’t worry about that, just through a spoonful of beads in the drain you want to clean, and add some water afterwards, if you are looking for a stronger result you can also use any gel or liquid based cleaner, and then use that for activating these beads, I am sure that you will be stunned by the results achieved.

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4 – Drano Gel

The gel is made in thick consistency, so it can provide best and strong results from the first use, but don’t worry if it’s not able to clean the drain in first attempt know that the situation is very serious, as you may need to use it once again or if still the job is not done you may need to call someone professional to clean the drain for you.

There are other options also, you can see them at Review Gurus.

1 – HG Drain

If you are looking for a cleaner that can not only give you an unclogged drain but also will freshen up your bathroom and kitchen, then this is the one that you must get. It is money saving and you only need to use it once a week in order to maintain the freshness and the unlogged drains around your home. Very easy to use, and acts faster as compared to other scented drain cleaners. It is not at all chemical based, so if you have children in your home consider this one, as it’s safe and also gives a very nice scent.

2 – Drain Cleaner Hexal

Many people do not know about this cleaner, but in fact this is a very strong cleaner, which is also scented. So you are not going to have any kind of foul smell when you use this one for unclogging the drain in your house. It is in a liquid form, which is easier to use, if you do not know much about using the cleaners for cleaning your clogged drains. It is very cheap and one bottle of this cleaner will surely last you a longer time as compared to other cleaners that are in market.

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3 – Earth Friendly

It is the best one if you are concerned about the harsh chemicals and fumes emitted by the cleaners. This is totally safe, you can also use this cleaner in a home where kids are present, equally effective for bathroom and kitchen use. All you have to do is just pour it in the drain and add some liquid over it as it will activate the cleaner. The best thing about this one is that there are no harsh chemicals emitted once it is activated.

4 – Scotch

Yes, this is the scotch one, it comes in a bottle, and is liquid in form. Very easy to use and save you ton of money also. You may need to use this once 2 weeks in order to get the results you are looking for. It is chemical free and requires at least half an hour to work on any kind clogged drain. It comes in a bottle and a bottle cap, so you can use its cap to use the right quantity required to unclog the drain.

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