Transforming trash into something nice and useful has many advantages; it’s fun and enjoyable, it also saves you money, reduces your carbon footprint and keeps the planet cleaner and healthier. Here you will find four easy projects to make with recycled materials. But first, let’s start with a small explanation of why people started using garbage to do crafts.

The Rule of the Three R’s

You are a creative being, since human beings have demonstrated their initiative and ability to manufacture what is needed over and over again in history, using any available resources, where there was mud, ancient civilizations built their mud houses, where more trees abounded, everything was made of wood. Now the most available resource is garbage, as the planet is practically drowned in the debris that comes from our modern activities. Hence, the rule of the three R’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. By reusing the materials you no longer need, you exercise your creativity and help the planet. You make a product instead of buying it, so you spend less and you decrease the wear and tear on the natural resources. You also set a good example for your children, friends and neighbors.

1 – Old Newspaper Pot

The recycled newspaper flowerpot is especially for planting plants that have to be started in a pot but do not support the transplant, for example cucumber, zucchini and melon. It is very easy to make and has the advantage that, once the plant is born, it can be sown with everything and pot. The newspaper will disintegrate, giving protection to the plant for a short time and then allowing root growth.

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For other types of plants, virtually any material is used to make a pot such as large cans, plastic bottles (PET), cardboard boxes, old wood, etc. You can grow potatoes in a trash can, lettuce and spinach in a shoe, carrot and radish on a tire, the possibilities are endless. And what looks ugly at first like a tire becomes a work of art with a bit of paint.

2 – Crown of Tin Rings

Do you have a little king or princess in your house? Crown him or her with this beautiful craftsmanship. The tin ring can also serve as a Halloween costume or children’s plays, whether at school or church.

3 – Candle Holder or Aluminum Can Ashtray

With a can of soda or beer, you can make an ashtray or, if you prefer, the same process, with a different step, gives you a candle holder. Ashtrays are suitable for use in the house or patio, at a party or even in a restaurant, as they attract attention. The candleholders can be used as decoration in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom and serve to give light in an emergency or even a romantic dinner.

4 – Paper Beads for Necklace or Bracelet

This is one of the most attractive crafts for children and young people, especially when they learn that they can sell the jewelry to their peers. From the glossy sheets of a magazine or catalog, you can make beautiful and tough beads with very little investment. All you need is glue, toothpicks and magazines. If you want them to be truly durable, you can paint them with resin at the end.

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