Renting a car is the ideal solution for those who do not own a car, but who are looking for freedom and comfort when they are traveling during their holidays. However, you need to follow some tips when you intend to go on vacation by renting a car.

Tip Number 1

It is about choosing the best offer and pass to go on vacation renting a car. One tip before going on vacation is that if you rent a car for several days, you should compare the prices per day with those offered by these passes. Some companies offer rates for the weekend, from 1 to 4 days, or weekly rates, up to 21 days, with many more advantages. If preferred, the car can be preferably removed before Friday, since prices will be much more attractive.

Tip Number 2

Now you ask yourself what type of car should be rented for the holidays. It is simply planning a day when you discover the city that it is closer to your vacation spot. For this, it is preferable to rent a small urban vehicle, manageable by city, even in case of much tourist influx. If it is a large group, it is advisable to opt for a break with a luggage compartment wide enough to store suitcases. In any case it is convenient to pay attention to this, the available models vary according to the different agencies.

Tip Number 3

Let us now see how to make a car rental during the holidays while reducing the expenses. In case you are determined to go on vacation and rent a car, you should think about the loyalty card. This allows you to accumulate points in each purchase, and over time, benefit from free kilometers. If this is possible, it is advisable to plan weekends or breaks on the dates that do not coincide with school holidays. Finally, you can enjoy promotional offers that are affordable in certain car models.

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Tip Number 4

It is advisable to consider the rental of the car when traveling abroad. It is certainly possible to leave the national territory with the car. In this case, you must obtain a written permission from the car rental company, and commit on your part not to travel more than the countries agreed.

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