One of the best ways to sell more when building your t-shirt business, whether you manufacture or use other service, is creating an ideal catalog with amazing designs to sell. To know how to sell more t-shirt with your catalog in a short time, keep reading.

I imagine that if you do not have it still in a professional way you will ask, ‘what should my t-shirt catalog contain? How much should I invest in? Will it be worth the efforts? First of all, I have to admit that it is not so simple since what you will offer in it is the image of your company that should please your customers. It is also an investment of time, labor and capital that initially does not generate profits. If you want to learn how to sell more t-shirt, I recommend that you follow this action plan to triple your sales in a short time.

1 – Do not offer what is not profitable for you!

On many occasions, I see how in our eagerness to get customers we create samples that we have not analyzed in depth. The issues such as time of production by volume, price of inputs and production or not having the right equipment become a nightmare when we accept some sample for printing service or for the sale of t-shirts by volume.

2 – Create a Versatile Display

If you have the great opportunity to have a potential prospect in front of you, how would you do to be in their shoes and think what they want? The best answer is to show not only what you sell but also to have samples that are, as far as possible, exclusive and surpass the competition. If you are a t-shirt entrepreneur, I suppose one possibility is in the variety of prints, models and colors.

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3 – Be Careful with Brand Samples!

If you offer free samples for a customer with your own brand, it is ideal to have an overprint that says advertising sample. The customer will see with admiration because if he decides to do some business with you, he will respect your brand.

4 – Take Advantage of Your Samples & Create Your Own Site

Today, we move only on social networks, but they are not ours. It is ideal to have your own website to offer people looking for your clothes or services. Today it is almost mandatory to have a presence on the internet of your ‘own’.

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