Samsung, the no.1 Smartphone selling brand surely knows how to come up with the best phones. This time it has launched the type of phones everybody has been waiting for. What would you choose out of the latest two Galaxy phone? S8 edge or S8 Plus? With the two best options, it is fine to get confused in which one to choose. Reasons why you should choose S8 Plus over S8 are simply the features of S8 Plus.

A person who does his research and is willing to buy Galaxy S8 Plus is definitely someone who needs his phone to be jack of all traits. S8 Plus is loaded with features one will definitely pay a few more bucks for. Features might just win you over too cell phones

Unique Design

The ultimate ‘Infinity Display’ is designed to maximize screen and phone itself is bezel-less screen. It does not affect dimensions of the phone. It remain relatively reasonable for how a big phone should be. The Galaxy S8 Plus is featured to be dust- and water-resistant along with a stellar IP68 rating.

Dedicated Battery Life

The best feature of this model is its 3,500 battery capacity. The company needed to plays safe this time after the battery experiences with the Note 7. The battery can easily get you through for one and a half day with its amazing battery-saving tactics. To charge the device, completely, the phone requires 1 hour and 11 minutes charging. The phone also enables you to charge wireless now.

Longley Awaited Display

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Everyone who has been waiting for the Samsung big screen, it’s finally here. It might just replace your tablet though. It has the new 6.2-inch screen. Up till now it is the best-looking phone screen ever that the company has ever come up with. Its Immersive display maxes due to the cutting out of bezels o of the front of the phone. The pixels are amazing and the screen quality is Quad HD and which defaults to 1080p.

Bixby Is There To Assist

Google assistant is on board to launch out Bixby’s voice soon. The phone itself is the Bixby you all are looking for. Everything on the home screen belongs to Bixby, Browsers, Apps, Clock and everything there on home. All features are pre-loaded. But in comparison to iPhone’s Siri. Bixby does very little. Bixby button on phone will only confuse you with volume down.

Specs and Performance

The S8 Plus model has come up with best chipset the world has ever seen. Even though phone only has a 4GB RAM yet chipset gives it a strong hold over memory. This phone has promising features for those who love gaming. Features of this phone empowers the next generation of Samsung Gear VR games. The Gear cannot get the games wrong for you especially with the phone’s enhanced features. The internal storage of 64GB along with a micro SD card slot for more capacity. The feature that will blow u away is when the phone can stream an audio on two sets of headphones by Bluetooth at once.

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