1 – Eureka 437AZ

Eureka 437AZ is a lightweight, upright vacuum cleaner with plenty of features. It is has been well reviewed across the web, and this upright vacuum cleaner comes with a bagless canister, a HEPA filter, and plenty of cleaning attachments. It excels on carpets and pet floors, yet it doesn’t do well on bare floors but exceeds expectations overall, especially in the price range and is the best choice on a budget. It is overall rating is 4 out of 5.

2 – Miele S163

This vacuum really deserves all the attention. Generally, this should be considered as a stick vacuum, but its high price puts this well-performing vacuum out of many consumer’s budgets. Nevertheless, this vacuum has a lot going for it. Suction and performance on bare floors and carpet is what this vacuum excels at according to user reviews. It is slender and has a 26-foot cord and also has a three-part filtration system.

3 – SEBO Felix

The SEBO Felix is a pretty niffy vacuum cleaner, doubling as a lightweight canister, it provides likable features which some users many desire. It comes with a HEPA Filter, removing 99.99% of particles, and it also has cleaning attachments, telescopic handles and low profile cleaning. Overall, it is the best performing lightweight vacuum cleaner. The cost ranges between $500 and $600.

4 – Carpet Pro CPU 1T & Carpet Pro CPU 2T

These sturdy and hard-working machines have earned a lot of praise from their users. They are easy to maintain and very dependable. They are no doubt some of the best upright vacuums on the market from the makers of Riccar and Simplicity Vacuums.

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5 – LG LUV400T Upright Bagless Vacuum

This strong entrant from LG Electronics machine is a very lightweight and powerful vacuum cleaner. It is very easy to clean with dust container features called ‘Kompressor’ technology that is a very nice feature, allowing for more cleaning time before the container needs to be emptied. It has many other innovative functions. The estimated cost is $450 and it has earned great reviews in the market.

If you are on a tight budget, but want to get a quality animal upright vacuum cleaner, I suggest you to visit cleanwellexpert.com where you can find the best and the latest vacuum deals to give you recommendations on buying vacuums which are on discount, specials or a promotion. As per the suggestion of Elnora, the site owner, you should go for Dyson DC 65 animal upright vacuum cleaner for the best results.

Today’s upright vacuum is not your grandmother’s machine! Equipped with state-of-the-art attachments and technology, vacuuming can be an enjoyable household chore. Depending on your budget to buy a vacuum cleaner, the job can be a silent and nearly weightless experience.

Upright Vacuums come in all colors, weights, sizes and with a myriad of attachments. Attachments included with the upright purchase generally assist in cleaning under the couch cushions, in crevices on stairs, and in deep corners. The upright is designed for greater suction and therefore is the first choice people make with carpeted floors.

Deciding on an upright model involves choosing between the bag or bagless, the HEPA filtration system, disposable or reusable filters. The bagless vacuum cleaners eliminate the need to change or purchase the bags; however, they also have the added issue of dust when emptying the canister. If allergies are a problem for you or some family member in your family, choosing an upright vacuum cleaner with a bag and a HEPA filter is generally recommended. The reusable filters eliminate the additional purchases by simply cleaning the filter and then placing it back into the vacuum.


The attachment assortments make choosing an upright vacuum cleaner even more attractive. The standard upright model comes equipped with changeable nozzles and brushes for getting to the hard to reach places. The attachments which are best for maximum effectiveness to the customer make the choice of type and brand of upright even clearer. If pets enter the mix, specialized brushes for picking up hair are an option. So, whether choosing between an upright or a canister, the options and variety have become extensive and can easily be determined by assessing the personal needs. The market is varied and ever-changing to fit the needs of the latest vacuum consumers. If we talk about brands, Dyson seems to be the most prominent and affordable. Here are a few suggestions for Dyson models.

1 – Dyson DC14 for the Best All-Around Performance of Upright Cleaner

Dyson DC14 really earns its reputation as being Dyson’s best upright vacuum cleaner. Superseding the Dyson DC07, it is lighter, slimmer upright yet it never loses its power. It still comes with Dyson’s famous cyclonic technology for a bagless debris canister and comes with an abundant list of features and cleaning tools. Performing equally well on carpets, pet hair, and bare floors, Dyson DC14 gets glowing reviews on different platforms. The rating it has received is 4.5 out of 5 and the estimated cost of Dyson DC14 is $400.

2 – Dyson DC33

Dyson DC33 is an excellent vacuum cleaner being capable of handling just about any type of cleaning job. Dyson DC33 is very easy to clean plastic containers and a lifetime HEPA filter to significantly cut down the ownership costs. It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, so it makes it well worth for its price tag. It will cost you around $400.

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3 – Dyson DC 65

Dyson DC 65 animal upright vacuum cleaner is also a good choice as it comes handy to the pocket and its cyclone technology makes it highly effective.

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