The Caterpillar Company and worldwide suppliers of heavy machinery. They produce the best quality of the machine. Some of its best machines are described as follows:

1 – The 826K

The engine of the 826K is a gross power of 435.0 hp, the net weight of 405.0 hp. Its bore is 5.4 in whereas stroke is of 6.7 in. The model of the engine is Cat® C15 ACERT™. The idle high speed and low speed of the engine of the 826K is 2300.0 RPM and 800.0 RPM respectively.

The type of transmission the machine can perform is the Planetary – Powershift – ECPC. The hydraulic system of the 826K has a bore of 4.7 in. the main relief pressure is of 3495.0 psi whereas it can supply a maximum pressure of 3495.0 psi. The stroke is of 42.1 in. The pumping flow of the machine at 1,950 rpm is 30.9 gals/min. The fuel tank of 826K can fill up to 206.6 gallons of fuel.

2 – The 730C2

The engine of the 730C2 has a bore of 5.1 in and a stroke of 6.2 in. The model of the engine is Cat C13 ACERT. It has a net power of 367.0 hp. The rated payload of the machine is 31 tons. The body capacity of the machine when Heaped SAE is 2:1 23.0 yd3 and 17.4 yd3 when struck. The transmission of the machine when Forward 1 is 5.0 mph, Forward 2 is 9.0 mph, Forward 3 14.0 mph, Forward 4 of 21.0 mph, Forward 5 of 29.0 mph and Forward 6 of 34.0 mph whereas Reverse 1 is of 6.0 mph.

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3 – The 430F/430F IT

The engine of 430F/430F IT has a net power of 107.0 hp. The standard model of the machine is Cat® C4.4 ACERT™ DIT. The gross power SAE J1995 of the machine is 117.0 hp as compared to the net power which is 109.0 hp. The Bore of the engine of 430F/430F is of 4.13 in whereas the Stroke is 5.0 in. The displacement of the engine of the machine is 268.0 in3.

The maximum and nominal operating weight of the machine if 24251.0 lb. and 15708.0 lb. respectively.

4 – The AP1055F

The AP1055F has a various operating specification, for instance, it has the normal paving range of 3.0-6.0 m (9′ 10″ – 19′ 6″) along with the extreme paving width and speed of 33.0 ft. and 210.0 ft. /min respectively. The machine has an inside turning range of 1.5ft.

The gross engine power of the equipment is of 225.0 hp. The model of the engine of the AP1055F is Cat C7.1 with ACERT.

5 – The PM620

The PM620 has an operating and transporting weight of 73260.0 lb. and 64680.0 lb. respectively along with an operating width of 9.15 ft.

The transportation Length of PM620 40.79 ft. in contrast the Width and height which are 8.2 ft. and 9.84 ft. respectively. Its Fuel Tank can hold up to 288.1 gals. This is one of the best by caterpillar company.

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