The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm in 2020. Public events were banned to reduce new infections, and businesses had to make all sorts of adjustments. For this reason, virtual trade shows have become commonplace.

Trade shows are as important as any other marketing strategy. First, it allows you to build brand awareness since you will be meeting potential customers for the first time. Studies show that 88% of exhibitors attend trade shows to boost brand awareness. Secondly, you get to network with other professionals in your industry. Thirdly, they help you learn about new products, trends, and strategies from your competitors.

While some companies are already loving virtual trade shows, others struggle with them. This article looks at some problems you may face when participating in an online trade show.

Challenges of Having Virtual Trade Shows

  • Higher Cost/Budget Required

Exhibiting at a traditional show can cost a lot of money. The advantage is that you interact with customers and prospects one-on-one, and you can quickly recoup the money. It’s entirely different when with virtual trade shows.

Since it is online, you have to set up your own exhibition stage. This means investing in things like booths, video content, and graphics.

Without proper budgeting, you may end up overspending. If you want to save money, consider using Can-West Rental Services. The company provides exhibitor equipment rentals and signage, and graphic printing. It also offers booth and dismantling labour, all at affordable prices.

  • Complex Tech Issues

Like online conferences and calls, tech issues can negatively affect a virtual trade show. For instance, when your internet connection is poor, you will have difficulty understanding what speakers are demonstrating.

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Furthermore, you will have trouble making your presentation, which will hurt your brand. Potential customers will turn their attention to your competitors.

So how do you avoid these tech issues? Before joining a virtual trade show, check that everything is working well. Get opinions on the strength of your internet connection and if it is weak, consider alternative internet providers. In addition, ensure that equipment like your computer and microphone are in good condition.

  • Requires Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Many people think that virtual trade shows do not need as much planning as physical ones. Nothing is further from the truth. You start planning for a physical trade show as soon as a date is confirmed.

You need to do the same for the virtual event. Come up with strategies to attract people to the trade show. Start working on content creation ideas that will enhance your presentation. While a virtual event might not have the same impact as a conventional one, proper planning will improve your performance.

  • Low Engagement

Compared to the traditional trade show, a virtual one obviously isn’t as engaging. The ‘see, feel, and touch’ aspect is lacking, making online trade shows seem pointless. If attendees have other things to do, they may not concentrate fully on exhibitions, meaning you will lose out on leads.

You can make some adjustments to increase engagement. Proven tactics include having polls in the event and incorporating breakout sessions. This way, you will have the attendees’ attention, thus strengthening your brand.

  • Less Personal

The ability to hold events online is a testament to the numerous advancements made in communication. Today, people from any part of the world can network in virtual events. But this can never replace the warmth of a physical event.

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Although more people are embracing this technology, they crave one-on-one interactions with potential customers and other professionals. So, never ignore seemingly insignificant actions such as welcoming registrants when they join the online event.

By the look of things, online trade shows are here to stay. Organising a virtual trade show can be daunting, but you will have no regrets with meticulous planning. Please take note of the above challenges and prepare to deal with them.

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