Dubai is an enormously renowned place among the locals and tourists for its ventures in the desert dunes and the white sandy beaches, and they are completely opposite ventures. As soon as the summer time is nears, the deserts dunes move out of the top list of the places to be visited by the locals as well as the tourists and the ultimate option turn out to be in the summer time is white sandy beaches which offer cool and gentle wind, very high waves and you are also served by the finest by the beach hotel restaurants with delightful foods of different types. In short, the beach restaurants serve the visitors with food while they also enjoy the beautiful view of the beach, waves and sunset. In this post, you will find a list of the best beach hotel restaurants to enjoy your visit to the beach.

1 – Amaseena

It is highly famed as it organize the Arabian Nights on beach. Amaseena offers the sight of The Ritz-Carlton, which is a private beach and the runway of Skydive Dubai. Amaseena serves the buffet consisting of sixteen starters and a lot of other options in the main menu for entrees, drinks and dessert course. If you wish, they can arrange a private cabana with different activities and facilities such as board games, shisha and pleasant-sounding tabla. It costs about 200 to 300 Dhs which includes meal and soft drinks for 2 persons.

2 – La Veranda

This one is eminent to serve the seaside pizza. La Veranda is located just fifteen meters off the beach. It serves the Italian cuisine which contains a massive variety of the pizzas and salads. The usual price of meal and soft drinks for two persons is around 200 to 300 Dhs.

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3 – Al Khayma Café

It offers hospitality with the true sense of the Middle Eastern vales regarding every aspect i.e. interior design, terrace, appearance, etc. It offers one of the finest sights among the Jumeirah beach hotel restaurants.

4 – Beach Bar & Grill

This one is distinguished for its facility of beach surf and turf. You can see the blue water with yachts dispersed on the whole beach. You can savor the Arabic cuisine along with a huge variety of Mediterranean seafood.

5 – Bu Qtair

With countryside dining at the beach, it is one of its own kind restaurant with rusty and unkempt furniture that which makes it exclusive among the competitors. You can have superbly fried fish curry and cassava root dishes.

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