Regardless of whether you are boss or employee, whether you work in an office or a store, there are many simple ways to make your workplace greener and healthy. Here you will find the tips to help you save energy, minimize waste and reduce pollution.

1 – Recycle

The vast majority of garbage in stores and offices is recyclable such as paper, newspaper, cardboard and plastic can which can all be recycled. For a recycling program to work, it has to be easy to do and understand. Trash cans and recycling containers should be clearly marked and well placed. If you can get the support of your boss and/or coworkers, it is much better, maybe they can organize the details at a meeting or in the dining room. If the office or shop is large or if multiple offices or small shops are gathered, it may be possible to sell recyclable materials to e waste recycling companies

2 – Be Digital

In the United States, 300 kilos of paper are used per person per year. At the same time, the world is digitizing itself more and more. In fact, it is now easier to lose a role than a digital file, the file is backed up online on the server, on the hard drive, and on another external hard drive. So think twice before you print, do you really need that impression? Doing things consciously can save millions of living trees that are producing the oxygen we need to breathe.

3 – Use Your Own Cup

Do you drink water or coffee at work? Bring your own cup. Disposable cups are almost always made from non-recyclable and non-biodegradable materials and are consumed at a great deal each day. Imagine that all those cups were piling up in your office instead of throwing yourself, how fast the space would fill? Now multiply that for all the offices, gyms, shops and offices in the world. How much trash can be avoided with this simple act of bringing your own cup, so the solution is you!

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4 – Open the window!

Many building materials and all electronic devices release toxic gases including radioactive that are harmful to health. Do you and your co-workers get sick all the time, or do they experience fatigue and headaches? It could be due to air pollution caused by building materials and electronics. When possible, open the windows to change the air. If there are no windows or cannot be opened for some reason, talk to the manager about improving the ventilation system.

5 – Modernize yourself

Keeping you up to date with technological advancements has its benefits. New electronics are often much more efficient and economical than the old ones. Look for eco-certified equipment like Energy Star and modernize your office. If you are still using incandescent bulbs, change them to fluorescent bulbs or LEDs. An incandescent bulb that spends 75 watts can be replaced with a fluorescent bulb that spends 13 watts, or with an LED bulb that spends only 3 watts. All three give the same amount of light, but it is much the difference that you will see in your electricity bill.

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