Hoverboards are regarded by many as one of the numerous gadgets that science has bestowed upon us to make our lives easier. While many people will not agree, arguing that such lifestyle choices pose health problems in the long run, and such machines can also be quite beneficial if they are used outside the sphere of dependence. It will still take many years and significant improvements before hoverboards become a household gadget.

When choosing a hoverboard, there are a number of factors to consider. However, what you have to ascertain before going to the market is to set your priorities straight and decide what will be your primary use for the hoverboard. Will it be just for the occasional joy ride, or will it be more of a daily routine helper? The use defines the main characteristic that will be the most important for you when searching for a hoverboard.

1 – Durability

As it is commonly known, hoverboards for beginners may get a little hazardous. The balancing takes a little time getting used to, so the first few attempts can result in falls or crashes. Many cheap hoverboards fail even at this stage with the material getting cracked, or the wheels getting loose. That is why you need look for a strong, water and rust resistant machine which will preferably last longer.

2 – Safety

Hoverboards have been blessed with UL 2272 safety certification judging upon the strength of the material and most importantly, the self-balancing mechanism. As the use of hoverboards can become quite hazardous for inexperienced users, they need to look for a brand that has acquired the certification. Only such products contain the necessary security features like Swagtron T3.

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3 – Speed

The speed limit has been set at the standard 8mph by the industry according to safety regulations. That is why this will not be much of a hurdle as not many brands go above the standard limit.

4 – Battery

The average range for most of the boards is 12 miles with very few going beyond with much stronger batteries. However, such machines may cost a lot more than 12-mile ones which seems a waste just for the extra mile.

5 – Extra Features

What sets a board apart from the others are perks like extra LED lights or a stylish design. The Bluetooth speakers of some, like the Hoverzon, are more powerful than the others. While Swagtron T3 or Skque X1 add stylish looks to the whole package while others, like Hoverzon XLS, include extra LED lights to show levels of battery power and signal movement. Most boards have rubber coverings to prevent slipping, which is a must-have especially if you are a beginner. Durable wheels are also something to look out for if you plan on taking the board off the road on rougher terrain.

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