In the recent years, Dubai has been harshly criticized over the belief that the emirate’s real estate market is suffering and its recovery is quite difficult. Well, here we will outline a few reasons why it is appropriate and appealing to invest in the real estate sector of this region.

1 – Expo 2020

This is one of the main attractions for making investment in this region for the reason that it will raise the emirate to a solid financial position and most of the capital would surely flow in to coffers through the commercial activities of the sector of local real estate. It is expected to have 25 million visitors, so more hotels and residential complexes are already in process of building so as to provide accommodations to such a huge number of visitors.

2 – Better Rental Yields

As compared to the other recognized international tourist and business destinations, the rental income from properties in Dubai outperforms the competitors at a global scale. The rent yields are estimated to rise from 8% to 10% in the apartments. A trend that does not indicate a deceleration of the real estate market but a trend towards the sustainable growth in the real estate sector of Dubai in the future.

3 – Strategic Location

Dubai has a highly strategic geographic position in the region, where you can carry out all kinds of commercial activities with ease, thanks to being considered as one of the high profile investment areas. In addition, the emirate is close to Russia, China and India, which are some of the most important investors in the properties for sale in Dubai.

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4 – Efficient Real Estate Laws

In the past, business activities in Dubai real estate market lacked the formal legislation and the regulatory infrastructure, which could regulate business in the emirate’s real estate sector. At present, the laws governing the companies in the real estate sector of the emirate have been updated. Now they have world class laws, a modern land registry mechanism, and a very strong property regulator. The investors have no reasons to fear for the security of their investment in this emirate in case they opt for the long term investments.

5 – Tourism and Trade

The shopping centers and the tourist attractions have kept tourism alive and have helped keep the property market highly stable and strong.

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