You teach your kids to have a clean mouth as it is very important for their health. If they adopt good hygiene and daily care from an early age, they will get to keep these good habits throughout life. In this piece of writing, I share eight tips for you to keep in mind for healthy teeth in your children.

1 – Brush their teeth when you wake up, before going to bed and after eating.

Sometimes the kids skip brushing at night for the reason that they are sleepy and tired, but it is the most important time since bacteria are housed in the mouth and are especially active at night. Therefore, it is essential to go to bed with a clean mouth.

2 – Avoid foods with excess sugar!

It is important that you don’t let the kids eat sweets, ice cream, candy, sugary soft drinks, packaged juices and the like since they have very high sugar content which is absolutely harmful to teeth. In addition to being associated with childhood obesity, the sugar in these foods damage the enamel, erode and favor the development of dental caries. Avoid or reduce their intake on special occasions. In the case of eating sweets between meals, brush teeth immediately afterward to avoid the risk of caries.

3 – Regular visits to the dentist

The visit to the dentist should be every six months to monitor the position of the teeth, falling pieces of milk teeth and the eruption of permanent teeth. Also, check if there are cavities or apply sealants to minimize their appearance. After the summer, it is an ideal time to do so.

4 – Assist with brushing

Often we rely on their good work and then we get unpleasant surprises. Just after 7 or 8 years, the child is able to brush his/her teeth properly, cleaning all sides, meanwhile, you should help them to get where they do not clean well, especially inner sides.

5 – A healthy diet

A healthy diet helps in strengthening the teeth, mainly the dairy products, along with vegetables and fruits. To incorporate such foods in your kids’ diet.

I am sure that these are easy tips and will help your kids have healthy teeth. You will have to help them from the early years to make it a permanent habit for life. The dental problems have become very common and finding the best dental clinic is of extreme importance.

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