Companies which are now manufacturing hoverboards are offering the latest features in these devices. Here are some models with beautiful designs and maximum functions to enjoy the ride.

1 – Skque I1

This board can carry maximum 120kg weight and is available at lower price. This devices comes with two motor drives which will help you in your moments either you want to have turn or you want to rotate and it can increase and decrease acceleration of the machine. It covers 20 kilometer, but the condition is that the surface must be smooth.

2 – Glidecraft Hx Series Bluetooth Hoverboard

For the people who are looking for red colored Bluetooth hoverboard, Glidecraft HX is here. This product has a Bluetooth operating system. It can take maximum weight of 228lbs and its speed is from 2 to 17 kilometer per hour. In this product, you will have small wheels of 6.5 inches in size which are made of aluminum material with rubber tires. This is a solid product.

3 – Glidecraft S600, Bluetooth Black Hoverboard

Glidecraft Company is offering hoverboard with skateboard style. This product is able to carry weight of 108 kg. It is available in black color with S600 Bluetooth system. In this board, LED lights are attached to its edges to give it sophisticated look. Its maximum speed is 16mph and minimum speed is 3 mph.

4 – NEX Smart Balancing Scooter

This company is offering durable Bluetooth hoverboards with eight inch big wheels. This is self-balancing product with premium-grade smart drifting board. You will have Bluetooth system which works with great efficacy. It has effective and powerful battery system and it is durable. It can cover 18 to 25 kilometer range and its maximum speed is 15 kilometer per hour. It can carry 120 kilogram weight.

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5 – Elecforu Electric Self Smart Balance

This is durable product with the best Bluetooth system. It has two wheels self-balancing with LED lighting system. Elecforu has strong lithium ion battery pack with longer life. It can carry 110 kilogram weight.


People who are crazy for colors and love golden color will love this machine. This is multifunctional machine with 8mph speed and it covers 11 miles range. This machine is certified and safe and it is clear according to all electrical safety tests. This device is available with Bluetooth speaker system and it can be controlled with mobile app. Its price is below $500.

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