The honeymoon is an important part of a marriage as well as a wedding ceremony. Both are incomplete without it. That special feeling of visiting a new place with one’s new husband or wife and several anticipations regarding every moment of it no matter how long the two lovers have been together or how good they know each other is a must for all newly married couples. This flame in the romance is fueled more when the place around the couple is also very romantic and goes with their state of mind. Some of such beautiful and romantic honeymoon spots are given below.

1 –Maldives

The beautiful blue seas and relaxing weather are a perfect setting for a newly married couple. The stunning sunset would be yet another perfect merriment for them. The foods consisting of fresh fruits and fresh fishes would be a lovely experience for the love birds. The temperature is almost warm throughout the year and that prompts the visitors especially the couples to have some romantic dips together into the sea.

2 –Venice, Italy

The name suggests the romantic essence it brings along. This place is always on the list of honeymoon goers. The picturesque views of this city can steal anyone’s heart. The temperature is also nice, meaning, going along the seasons. The biggest attraction is definitely the Gondola ride along the Grand Canal. The temperature is also nice, meaning, not maximum 25 degree Celsius in the summer and as cold as 2/3 degree Celsius during the winter. Thus, be it cuddling with one’s partner or having Gondola thrills, either way, romance wins.

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3 –Bruges, Belgium

Gulping down some good old beer and walking down the beautifully lit streets of the city, holding the hands of your soul mate, is just what makes this city so awesome and wonderfully ideal for a honeymoon. The place appears to have come alive from a painter’s canvas surviving all forms of dust and other destruction. The temperature is very soothing during the summers but quite cold during the winters. A beautiful carriage ride down the streets would be perfect for the couples to cherish their special moments.

4 – Honolulu, Hawaii

Encompassed with parks and beaches this place is both an ideal place for a honeymoon as well as Hollywood stars’ and musicians’ holiday destinations. With wonderful palm trees by the side of the seas and the unforgettable view of the sunset, this place is also known for its many concerts, beach parties and opera theater. More than just romance, a visit here would mean a whole experience forever engraved in one’s heart.

5 – Paris, France

Always the first choice among the honeymoon goers, this city requires as less description as possible. Being home to the Eiffel Tower, this city is known as the fashion and love capital of the world. A clear and complete view of the entire city from the lit Eiffel Tower at night and walking along the Seine river while cherishing sweet sips of coffee are some of the must do’s while visiting here. If all these are not enough, the couple can always find immense pleasure in having mouth-watering French cuisine and seeing their favorite players give in their all in the French Open if they happen to visit during May to June.

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6 – Dubai

It is a city filled with a lot of exciting attractions and a short visit is not enough to explore the whole city. From the basic atmospheres of the Arabic touch to the 10-star hotel, you will find everything there. One of the best places for couples is Nasimi Beach, which you must not skip in your list of activities and places in Dubai.

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