Nobody is saved from work meetings as they are a part of the daily routine of most jobs. Unfortunately, they have a very bad reputation to the point of almost being synonymous with the waste of time. The meetings should not be martyrdom for the architects. For your next meeting to conclude successfully, follow these tips.


This is the golden rule. If the call is, for example, at 11 in the morning, try to arrive about 5 minutes before. Consider the time it will take you to get to the agreed point and if you will need to go before coffee or a quick visit to the bathroom. Do not get up from your place one minute before, because you will surely be late. Respect the time of your bosses and companions.

Rigorous Minutes of Topics to Be Discussed

The problem of many meetings is how easy it is to get away from the issue and end up in agreements that are very far from the original motive of that meeting. Agree on the pending issues to be resolved and appoint a member to ensure that this list is complied with. And of course, they can always leave at the end a few minutes to talk about issues that were not considered but emerged throughout the talk.


Of course, it is allowed to bring a snack to a work meeting, water or coffee. And sometimes it is even necessary to have enough energy to move forward the issues that should be addressed. What is not polite is to bring food that can fill the room with its aroma or that require you to take out a whole set of dishes.

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Pay Attention

This is so basic that it is the same rule that you followed throughout your student life; do not get distracted by talking with your classmates. Listen carefully to whoever takes the word. How many times has it not happened to us that we asked something that was just commented? Well, it will not happen again for this one asking what they did during the weekend.

Take What You Need

In a work meeting, you will need to bring something to take notes or a calendar to check the dates. Of course, a laptop can be useful, but the temptation to open the email or your Facebook will always be too much. Therefore, it is best to carry a notebook or paper and obviously a pencil or pen.

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