The car rental companies in Dubai offer different types of booking facilities online i.e. by phone, fax, and online forms available on the official websites. If you are planning to move in the city you must book your rental car in advance because at some point of the weekend or holiday period the demand for the rental car is higher and you might miss the chance to book a car for yourself.

Today the rent a car Dubai companies offer online booking services. The online booking forms are designed in Java script, so no one will be able to decode the database with ease. The customer service department also handles the security issue in mind because data security is more important. The credit card information of the renters is stored online as well as in the company’s server.

Firstly, you must read the rules of the car rental company for your operations. Most of the companies will refund only if you can cancel your reservation before 48 hours. If you do not cancel your car, the rental company does not give you money back while you may face a penalty fee too. It is highly recommended if you are able to cancel your car before the time limit. You will surely get the refund if you do not break the rules of rent a car company in Dubai.

Once you book your car with a rent a car company, confirmation of the rental reservation is not required. The company registration will send a rental voucher by email. If you book online, you can print the voucher. You must keep the voucher with you when you are going to rent a car Dubai company.

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Some companies give premium membership accounts annually and some offer free club membership for the first year. If you are a frequent traveler and use rental cars during the trip, you can make use of the benefits of various discounts and special offers as a member of a top quality club. If you are a corporate member or government employee, you can get the benefits of premium club membership.

Usually car rental companies prefer credit card for payment, since with the credit card, the company must know the credit worthy to minimize the damages and losses to vehicle. Some companies also accept payment by debit card under certain conditions.
Each rent a car Dubai company has customer service department, which can handle all information about booking updates or cancellation of customers. You can call them directly and give updates or changes to your reservation schedules. What you need is your reservation reference number. Based on this, you have to change your documents or online status or talk to the customer service department. There are rules about the change in the reservation or cancellation situation. In case of immediate cancellation, the company takes some administration charges.

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