For an average business owner, custom designed envelopes are perhaps the least important part of their business stationery.

Even if they have their logo and other stationery designed at an appropriate time, some business owners continue using standard white envelopes that are available at any office supply store, which either creates a bad impression on their clients and customers or at the very least, zero positive impression of Logo Design

Nonetheless, there is a newfound importance given to all sorts of stationery design in business circles, especially with the rise of the entrepreneurship culture. Emerging businesses usually have their envelopes designed professionally that are also compatible with other items such as letterheads and logo, in an effort to market their work as a brand.

If as a start up, you want your business envelopes designed for you or even if you are an established business but not satisfied with your envelope design, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you have a very impactful one.

1 – Effective Use of Color

Colors are really important in bringing out the visual beauty in anything, envelopes are no different. You need to select a color scheme that resonates with your target clientele and at the same time is attuned with your logos too.

Envelopes can be in one or multiple colors, it’s better to keep it as simple as possible while being imaginative about use of color. You can use splashes of colors or a colored paper, it is up to you.

2 – Select Suitable Type of Paper

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Envelopes are used to contain other papers, so they have to be of a very high quality in order to be able to hold those items such as letterheads or files, etc.

You can also use recycled paper to bring an earthly feel to paper, it feels good when you touch that kind of paper. This is a rather ignored aspect, but, it would do well if you focus it.

3 – Add Basic Information

Your company name, address, phone numbers and web addresses of all kind are valuable info, make sure to have it in a way which add this information in a nice way, possibly with a colored text somewhere prominent.

4 – Utilize Both Sides

Don’t leave blank space on the back side, put some information about your company or a picture, related to your business and appealing to the audience, or even just the logo on it. This will create a positive impact.

5 – Consistent Branding

Many companies have several variations of their logo being used on separate items and in different media. Some don’t believe in that. Without regard to the type of company you belong to, you need to have all your stationery designs – envelopes, letterheads or business cards – in coherence with each other on a basic level. Your client shouldn’t be confused by a totally different looking letterhead coming out from a completely dissimilar envelope.

6 – Size and Shape

Envelopes can be multiple sizes. You need a standard A-1 size envelope for your letterheads which are a standard size usually. Other than that, you can have square, booklet, catalog or baronial designs if you think you need them.

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In conclusion, make sure you rectify all the problems you have with your envelope design before you send it for printing. Also, as a courtesy, try to include a return envelope whenever you send mail so that your business antiquates leave a lasting positive impression.

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