1 – Spaceboard Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Stability and safety are two main features of hoverboard which matter a lot and in this product you will have both. You can play music directly from your smartphone with the help of its powerful Bluetooth system. It has powerful battery packs which make it more durable. This is very special product because you can have one more feature of resistance against water and it means this one is good option for rainy weather.

2 – UL2272 Verified Hoverboard App Control

This product by Electric Scooters Company is one of the best ones with affordable price. It has power of 201-500 W with battery charging time of two to four hours. It is two wheeled machine with 10-inch wheel diameter. You can cover distance of 40 to 60 kilometers with one charge. This machine can carry 100 kilogram weight and its speed is 12 kilometer per hour and it’s safe to use.

3 – Doinshop Smart

A unique unicycle design makes Doinshop really stand out in its category. Add a high range of 20km and a metal alloy build that is resistant to rust, and can attract any customer.

4 – Wenzhou Times

It is more known for its ability to support a lot weight. This speaks volumes about its build strength, as well as its efficient self-balancing system.

5 – Skque X1

This company is offering Bluetooth hoverboards in different colors. If you are looking for best quality and all wheels ranging product, it is best for you. It has all three ranges of wheels from smaller to larger in size. It’s safe for you because it has cleared all safety tests. You can connect it with your mobile through Bluetooth. It has colorful LED system which adds charm in its look. Skque X1 is available in black color with 6.5 range wheels.

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6 – Skque I1

It is one of the most affordable models that you will find on the market. It is light in weight and looks a lot nicer than the previous models introduced, as this one has sharper edges and looks better. It comes in several variants, so making a selection becomes much easier as compared to the other brands present in the market.

7 – SEGWAY Minipro MART Self Balancing Personal Transport

This machine is good for those who are looking for durable product. Segway is offering self-balanced hoverboard with Bluetooth system and it can be controlled through your smartphone. In this device, you will have customized LED safety lights with alarm system which will keep your device safe from theft. It has sensors which react automatically with your movements. Through this device, you can have perfect balancing and it is safe from fire and electricity. This device is blue in color by default, but when you want to give it brake, it turns into red and when you want to turn, it changes its color to yellow. This is multi-featured device with safety lock system and it is an expensive one to buy.

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