T-shirt, after the jeans, is the iconic clothing par excellence. Think of your t-shirt as a bullet-proof vest, it is the first one you are going to wear and the last thing you are going to remove as your line of defense.

A t-shirt should be shiny and perfect. We know that we are going around the world wearing more casual t-shirts than dress shirts, but in both styles, there are a lot of details to take into account.


When you go to the t-shirt store, first of all, you always ask for a slim cut, even so the cuts vary, depending on the brand. When a t-shirt suits you, the following details are the keys;

The shoulder seams should be aligned with your own.
Make sure that the sleeves are not too long or short.


Not all t-shirt are small, medium or large. Even when wearing casual t-shirts, you should take into account the measurements of your arms and neck to make sure it fits well. These two measures will be the key to keeping your t-shirt on your body perfectly.

Types of Collars

There are following types of collars;

Straight Point

It is narrower neck, and it is perfect with the American style.


It is the American style par excellence and goes well on the casual t-shirts.


It is the semi-open style, and it is the balanced one for the reason that it is not too wide or narrow and is it not too round or square either. No doubt this is the style that suits everyone.

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T-shirts and Jeans

This is a style thing that has taken us decades to learn and of course a t-shirt can be combined with jeans, but in this case, you learn something that this t-shirt should always go inside. The casual t-shirt can play on both sides.


You cannot take into account just one of our tips. The truth is that you must take each and every one into account. One of the biggest failures is wearing the wrinkled or badly ironed t-shirt. For this case, the neck and sleeves are the fundamental parts. You have to make sure that the seams are aligned when ironing and also take care of the temperature and the fabric very well, if necessary, you will have to use some canvas between the t-shirt and your iron as well.

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