Quality dancewear is important to any dancer’s training and performance. As a performer, it becomes your second skin. It also evokes your personality and helps you feel comfortable at the barre or on the floor. With so many trends in dance fashion, you can keep your wardrobe full of options. Below are some of the best styles to try within the realm of leotards.

Tank Leotard

In the past, leotards were very basic and only varied in terms of sleeve length and neckline, with a choice of two to three basic colours. Today’s tank leotards offer more intrigue than ever before, featuring thick shoulder straps, a variety of necklines, greater coverage and stability. This variety means that the tank styling suits a wide range of body types and sizes, staying put where you need coverage.

Camisole Leotard

Camisole leotards sometimes get the reference of having spaghetti straps. This classic camisole styling is a popular style choice for professional ballerinas. The thin straps accentuate the shoulders, neck and back. But at the same time, these leotards provide a soft look perfect for summer wear on their own or during cooler weather with layering.


Halter Neck Leotard

Although a halter neck is only a subtle addition to a streamlined leotard look, it sets a beautiful tone for any dancer. This style shows off your defined shoulders and back. At the same time, it appears modern. One of the greatest benefits of a halter is not having to worry about falling straps.

Short-Sleeved Leotard

The short-sleeved leotard is a staple among dancewear. Young dancers, in particular, like the tee shirt styling. Available in a wide range of colours and fabrics, this leotard is top in dancewear trends. You can even find them with mesh and lace inserts or accents, to add a little more flair. For some dancers, it does take a couple of wears to get used to the sleeves, however.

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Long-Sleeved Leotard

Like its short-sleeved cousin, the long-sleeved leotard is a dancer’s wardrobe staple. Despite covering your arms, this style actually accentuates your upper limbs and give them a longer appearance. Perfect for winter wear in a range of fabrics, you can also find these sleeved leotards made of airy material for warm-weather wear. Breathable fabrics for summer include lycra and mesh.


Mock Neck Leotard

A mock turtleneck adds a modern touch to a basic leotard. This style features a close-fitting neckline that covers the throat. It makes your neck appear longer and more graceful. Most dancers love the elegant and sophisticated appeal of this design. With a mock neck, you can choose from a wide variety of sleeve lengths, from the wrist to no sleeves at all.

Zippered Leotards

Zippers add convenience and decoration to almost any style of clothing. The same is true for zippered leotards, which provide dancers with a little extra flair and the ability to execute quick costume changes. On the front, you can control how much skin you show simply by adjusting the zipper. This addition also helps you stay cooler in warm environments or warmer in cold ones. A zipper feels more athletic and updated, too.

Get Creative with Your Dance Wardrobe

Whatever type of leotards you prefer, it is essential to try different styles and add a variety to your dance wardrobe. You can alter your mood or even soothe your nerves before a performance by merely having styles that make you feel more colourful, vibrant or comfortable. By trying a range of types, you will find your own favourites that make you feel your most confident during practice, workouts and performances.

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