Going to an adventure might seem like an easy task but there is a lot to prepare for once you head there. The people who are planning to go on a Dubai desert Safari need to keep so many things in mind and consider them all equally important. These few things will help you act normal and fit in the zone pretty comfortably.


The lunch or breakfast to be done before the dun-driving. As the ride lasts for about 20-30 minutes so the bumps and heat of the desert might make you feel little sick. Do not eat something too heavy it might just make you feel, you could throw up anytime. Try to avoid water and other drinking while the ride it might just make the situation worse.

Sand Adventures

You might just scared of the driving in the sand. The uneven soil might just make the car trip or might get deep into sand and not come out. These thoughts you get us all scared once we are dune bashing but we need to stay relaxed as the drivers are trained for this driving.

Different Packages

If you have signed up for the morning or evening package then what you need to do it that you need to protect yourself from the heat and the sun. The guests need to keep themselves protected from the harmful heat rays in the desert by hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Right Clothes

Wear the kind of loose clothes you feel comfortable in. you need not to dress up extravagant for an adventurous trip. Also remember the package offering the camel ride, for which you wished you had worn a higher trouser for the comfort of the camel ride.

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Hot Days

As hot as the day is, the temperature starts falling at night along with cold winds. Especially if you pick out the evening package or the over-night package then you need not to be tricked by the heat in the morning for the wind in the night will make you wish you should have bought a jacket or a cardigan along.


It may sound crazy for someone to wear open-toed shoes to the desert safari trip. Call us crazy but flip-flops are what we suggest to people. When walking around in a closed pair of shoes, it will get filled in with sand and you will have to clean it up every once in a while. So it is easier to wear flip-flops or open shoes which the sand might pass through and can be easily cleaned all over again.


The deserts have many reptile species which might seem a little so scary but it usually does not do any harm. Yet one should keep his camera to capture the life on desert.

Make sure that you listen to your guide, as he knows more than you. Don’t go anywhere without telling him, and make sure to take him to any place you want to go. I hope you have best experience on your Dubai city tour.

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