Hoverboards are fast becoming a quite common gadget that can be found in many people’s possession. While the name is misleading, the experience is certainly exhilarating. Add Bluetooth speakers and flashy lights to the equation, and you cannot remain unsatisfied. To help you find the best one, here are the hoverboards that I recommend.

1 – Skque I1

The standard board with simple looks, durable body and functionality, Skque I1 is the trendsetter of the group. The 8mph speed limit and 12-mile range is pretty much the standard in most of the boards that we will be talking about.

2 – Skque X1

Superior to its sibling in terms of only looks, X1 with its stylized edges and fancy wheels is a bit expensive than I1, so it is pretty much the choice for those wanting looks in addition to the standard functionality.

3 – Hoverzon XLS

Hoverzon has anti-slip pedals and LED light indicators for battery levels and movement to the equation. That is why its price is a bit on the up side when compared to Skque models, but you have the added features to hold responsible for that.

4 – Swagtron T3

One of the most stylish of the lot, Swagtron makers definitely concentrated more on looks than on functionality. The strong LED lights on the front and back, superior build quality and stylized edges leave nothing left to be desired. However, it lasts for only 11 miles rather than 12-mile standard, which is something you’ll just have to live with.

5 – Spaceboard Self Balancing

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As the name suggests, it is something Star Wars fans can look forward to. The style has been designed specifically to resemble a spaceship, but this is not the only significant feature, as the board comes with a water resistant body and a protective rubber underside.

6 – NEX Smart Balancing

NEX has one of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers of the lot. It also adds superior durability and build quality to the list of things going for it as well as 8-inch wheels that can traverse any terrain.

7 – Elecforu Electric Self Smart

In terms of long lasting durability, it doesn’t get better than with Elecforu. The sturdy body and stability with a 15-30 degree tilt, and a powerful battery that can rival even the strongest of its competitors are its unique features.

8 – LIKECAR Smartboard

It offers a lot other than its unique black and red color combination. An original Samsung battery back, powerful speakers, and security features are what make it a strong contender.

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