Most people honestly don’t know how good they have it when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Gone are the days of sleeping on hard rocks or dirt. Today’s mattresses are comfortable, hygienic, supportive, stylish, cool, and the best ones last for years. Getting the right mattress can change your life for the better in innumerous ways. If you have a bad back, are a strict side sleeper, or have insomnia or snore, or countless other issues, the right mattress can help assist you.

There are so many different sorts of makes and models in the mattress world, just like automobiles, so what we want to do is give you a rundown on the best eight brands that you can find in 2020 when you’re ready to invest in a quality mattress.

Best Mattress Brands This Year

Knickerbocker Bed Frame Company

When choosing a place to shop for quality mattresses, it might be smart to go with a location selling items from Knickerbocker. Providing revolutionary support, form and function, these mattress options are durable, comfortable, super quiet, and provide great stability. They’re ideal for a restful, still night’s sleep.

Mattresses Designed for 2020


When it comes to a luxury mattress, especially with modern technology for 2020, it’s tough to beat an item from Kingsdown. The company prides itself on a “smart sleep” sort of innovation, that allows people of all sleeping habits to find a mattress that’s perfect for their needs, so people get a personalized sleep experience.


While not one of the most famous names people have ever heard of, Magniflex is consistently ranked in the top-10 across the globe for their wide selection of items. Magniflex speaks about the “future of sleeping” with their technology, which provides a custom sleep environment for people of all sizes, all ages, and all sleeping habits.

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From their famous line of Posturepedic items to everything else they do, Tempur-Pedic is easily one of the biggest mattress innovators in history. They’re most famous for their cutting-edge foam mattress options that do away with springs, and all that added weight, and give people a cooler, breezier full night’s sleep. They’re ahead of the game when it comes to innovation, especially in 2020.

Stearns & Foster

What makes a Stearns & Foster mattress so great? These hand-crafted items use the finest materials out there and are guaranteed to last you for life. Stearns & Foster bill their goods as “The last mattress you will ever need.” When it comes to customization, it’s hard to beat this option, as most of their items are adjustable and suitable for anyone’s sleeping habits.

Malouf Sleep

While maybe a lesser-known mattress company, Malouf Sleep has been making some serious headway over the past few years, especially in 2020. Malouf focuses on what is called a “sleep personality,” and from there, they design their items to ensure that everyone’s sleep environment is customized precisely to what they need in order to rest well, and rest longer. They’re most famous for children’s mattress options that allow kids to sleep in longer and stay still while resting.

Mattresses Designed for 2020


Many people have watched those late-night paid programs about adjustable beds, and realize that they don’t look like anything but glorified hospital beds yet cost a small fortune. Wellsville actually perfected the art of the “smart mattress,” using that adjustable technology for firmness and putting it into an actual high-quality mattress that was built to last and comfortable to boot.

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A separate company than Tempur-Pedic, Naturepedic began when someone wanted to create the ideal mattress for a baby’s crib. He couldn’t find anything that was comfortable, durable and safe, so he built it himself. Naturepedic is a mattress company that caters to kids. But as long as parents are looking for something great, they might find it essential to get something good for the kids too.

As someone shopping for the best mattress they can find in 2020, something to keep in mind is that these are the best brands out there for the year right now. So the place with which you choose to do business should have these brands available for you.

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