Custom website design is a need of every business today, but finding the right service is really tough as you have unlimited options available online in this regard. Here I have compiled some really important FAQs and their answers to help you find the perfect one.

1 – What process do you follow to design a custom website?

They should put into practice a comprehensive procedure for generating initial concept and designing since the complete process includes several steps. There is a brief description of the process applied by the website design services Art

Study the creative brief details
Draw a rough draft on paper
Turn it into digital image
Make required modification
Get it reviewed by another designer and incorporate his/her suggestions
The concept is sent to the customer
The customer gives his/her comments and ask for amendments in needed
Final draft of the custom website is created and get it approved by the customer

2 – How vast is your designing portfolio?

The company must have worked for numerous industries and you should view portfolio of the company and professional services surely include the detailed portfolio on their official website which is separately available in portfolio section.

3 – Do you have in-house website designers or hire freelancers?

The designers should be in-house since they can produce the best results
because being together they can have a creative discussion, especially in the review process.

If the company is depending on freelancers, you may not be able to get good quality of work and one reason is the communication gap.

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4 – What’s your turnaround time?

Website designing is a creative task and you must want the best quality website; so you can realize that it is not an instant procedure. However, the least turnaround could be between 24 and 48 hours. Turnaround time also varies depending on the complete package you select.

5 – Do you deal with rush hour delivery?

As a matter of fact, it is a creative work and it needs proper attention and time; therefore, rush delivery is not meant for this purpose. In personally advise you to give the website designer enough time so that he/she can come up with high quality work which you really want. You can only go for rush hour delivery if it is inevitable.

6 – What payment modes do you accept?

The companies providing website design services should have multiple payment options to facilitate customers coming from different regions.

7 – I am tired of search and at a loss now. How can you help me?

The best way to judge a service is to make a call at their number, talk to their representative and ask about whatever you want to know. Therefore, a good service must have clearly visible numbers on the website or else you should not proceed with such as company that has no number to call.

8 – Do you have same rates or offer multiple packages?

Keeping in view the size and requirement of different businesses, custom website design services offer different packages to their clients so that the can cater the business entities of all scales from SMEs to corporate.

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If you get satisfying answers to all these questions, you may not feel hesitation to place your order. For flawless services of web design and web development Dubai,

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