With the arrival of summer, heat and dryness, the garden requires much more care. During the summer season, plants need to be nurtured on a regular basis along with mowing and pruning. To prevent your garden from being turned off and left during the hottest months, a here I will share a few tips about how to take care of lawns in summer days. Following these simple tips will get you a lawn perfect for facing the summer months. So let’s see what we have in this post for you and ultimately for your lawn.

  1. The most important thing to maintain an ideal lawn in summer is mowing. You should check what type of mowing your grass needs, depending on its height.
  2. In general, the normal height of the lawn should be 5 centimeters. In case your grass is finer, you should cut it to 1 or 2 centimeters. If it is the lawn of a golf course, the mowing can become millimeter.
  3. Mow once a week. During the summer, it is important to mow the lawn regularly. If you also have a lawn very decorative and you want to keep it totally aesthetic, ideally it is to be done every 3 days.
  4. Keep the grass at the same height. It is important not to vary the height of the grass. To keep up the hard summer season, the ideal thing is to keep it a little high and not too shallow. In this way, the water will be absorbed better and the roots will be deeper and stronger.
  5. After cutting, fertilize the lawn. Use the fertilizer that best fits your type of grass. If you wish, you can also make your own natural fertilizer.
  6. Irrigate the lawn in abundance because the warm months can cause the lawn to dry faster.
  7. During the summer, special care must be taken with the appearance of fungi and other plant infections. If you notice them, use special fungicides to treat your lawn.
  8. If any area has run out of grass during the winter, it can be an ideal time to plant grass. The more fertilizer and more water you give to your plants, the more they will grow.
  9. Aerate the floor as it removes the soil, so that it is oxygenated and the plants grow better.
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  • You should avoid lawn mowing when it is wet.
  • Sharpen the mower blades. If you have noticed that your lawn has been contaminated with fungi, clean the blades to avoid further infections.
  • If the grass has suffered a contagion, it is advisable to mow it twice.

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