In the past days, in every factory producing physical goods, dealing with the waste and debris was really a troublesome issue and it was resolved to some extent with the invention of vacuum cleaners, still the issue was not fully resolved. With the advancement of technology, today, the industrial vacuum cleaners are designed with two purposes in mind i.e. one is to remove the debris from all the types of soil and the other is to remove the bad air from the working environment. The first application seemed to be complicated, but over time the different needs were covered until it was possible to create the devices capable of dealing with all kinds of wastes from the floors of the factories.

At first, the size of the waste was an issue to be addressed. At the same time, it appeared the subject of the dry and wet residues and then the corrosive or extremely hot elements as well as the radioactive waste were added. All of these wastes, derived from some large scale production or manufacturing, were to be treated by the vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Often, the special needs of a company were treated one by one at the same time that the plant was being built.

Similarly, airborne debris such as dust or microscopic particles from whatever is produced in a factory must be removed from the air either to protect the workers or to collect and store the valuable debris from the materials that would otherwise they would lose. To do this, the large vacuum cleaners were mounted on the factory ceilings, looking more air conditioned than the vacuum cleaners. But, in fact, the function was opposite. While the air conditioners cool by pumping the air inside the factory to keep the temperature controlled at a pleasant level, these huge vacuum cleaners suck air from the ceiling or from under the floor, filtering the waste and storing it in a more accessible place.

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The factories that produce fine particles as waste because of the different processes in the factory need to keep the working atmosphere clean for the health of their workers. There are also companies that are responsible for the refinement of the metals of value and need to collect the particles and then reuse them. Keeping all these aspects and needs in minds, the engineers built industrial vacuum cleaners and now both needs are covered by the usage of industrial vacuum cleaners.

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