Choosing the best and strongest countertop for your home kitchen is an important decision when you think about refurbishing or equipping this space. Since it is a key element in the daily work, it is also the useful surface of the furniture that defines the space and frames of the zone of cooking and cleaning.

The cover is exposed to impacts, cuts, abrupt changes in temperature, grease, oil, acid and many others. Therefore, it must meet some of the essential requirements such as the following;

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Ease of cleaning and
  • Decorative aesthetics

At present, there are many manufacturers who develop the covers of both natural and synthetic materials that perfectly meet all the requirements and also offer a variety of finishes and colors. Therefore, here I will present the most innovative and the best quality materials with which the covers or kitchen countertops are made, as well as some of their properties.

Compact Quartz Covers

Regardless of the brand, from the best known Silestone or compact to Quarella or Zodiaq, the quality is similar among all, vary the designs, prices and the facility to find some of them.

It is a material of great hardness which is difficult to the scratches and it is cleaned very easily. It resists well the water and the blows, although it is necessary to be careful with the high temperatures and the reason is that it is better to use protectors when it is placed on with something that leaves directly from the fire or oven. The price is medium to high with a great variety of colors and designs. They are pretty and easy.

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Silestone Covers

It is a versatile 90% natural quartz agglomerate, and crystal with a polyester resin alloy. This material is solid and stain resistant and it comes in a wide range of colors. Its basic characteristics are the low coefficient of absorption of liquids, good resistance to acids and fats, and no scratches.

The Natural Stones – Granite and Marble

The granite stone is very hard, almost impossible to scratch and it resists acid and shocks. However, as the granite is porous, the stains penetrate, especially the oil, and can remain permanently. Instead, it completely resists the heat, so it can support hotpots and pans without any problem.

There are several colors, perhaps one of the most popular for kitchens is the pink granite or also the pearl gray. There is not as much variety as in Silestone and the like, but every time new colors and designs are launched. To keep them protected,

Regarding the marble, it is of characteristics quite similar to the granite, although a little is more delicate, mainly with stains and acids. It also resists scratches, but not strong impacts. It is very elegant, but it is more complicated to maintain.

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