The houses with wooden structure through the years have become popular among many people due to their profitability and ecological attributes. It is evident that more and more people are choosing to build this type of housing in the country and there is no doubt that these structures provide the owners with the warmth, easy-to-build designs and aesthetic features they fall in love with.

The process of building a log house frame is not complicated if it is programmed in a proper and professionally way. This article is a step-by-step guide to the process of building log houses to follow.

Design Your Home

The first step to success will be to design your home with wood structure based on your lifestyle. There are two contemporary and traditional styles to choose from according to your ideas. During this process, it is necessary to reach dimensions and a plant that will be implemented during construction. Come with a sketch that you can discuss with the architecture or design for a professional input. You will need to come up with a plan and a coverage plan as well as prospects. It is always good to communicate with the designer for more details.

Do Your Cost Calculations

The construction of a wooden house frame will cost, based on lifestyle and structural needs. It is good to determine the cost before proceeding to the next step and this will be determined by your budget as well. The beauty of the log house is that it allows easier planning which can help in reducing the costs.

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Choose the Site

The choice of your site will be determined by a number of things. However, you should choose a place that is safe and where your house will be protected from the elements such as wind. Your site should also provide the necessary resources, especially if you want to take advantage of natural environments.

Preparation of the Ground

Your log house structure has to sit on the mainland and, therefore, you will have to dig the foundation. As with building the brick house, the log house will have a solid foundation even though this should not be on the same level as that of a stone/masonry house. The foundation and prepared flooring, however, will be determined by the weight and size of your building material.

Structure of the Erection

Once the soil is ready, the process of erecting the structure begins. You can opt for pre-fabricated panels that are made in the right shape according to your floor design and then delivered to your site. These panels form the frame of log house structure. Work could also start from scratch if you wish. Work on the structure up to the ceiling and remember the windows and doors.

The final step will be to finish the log house by installing the pipes and the electrical system. Once this is done, isolate the panels from a boarding or repair plaster panels if you use the closed tabs. Finish with tape and skimming joints. Once the wooden hull is complete, make the exterior finish.

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