Writing a good resume is an essential step to succeed in your job search and to successfully apply for the coveted position. This exercise meets certain rules of substance and form and the point on the elements necessary to write a good resume so as to increase all the chances on your side.

There are 4 essential elements in a good resume which are mentioned below;

1 – Civil Status

It is about identifying yourself and being reachable. Indicate your name, first name, postal and telephone numbers and ad email address. You can also indicate your age or date of birth, but it is without obligation.

2 – Education & Training

Describe your school or university course, and the different courses followed.

3 – Experience

Indicate your professional experiences or internships. It is possible to add the acquired skills.

4 – Various and Leisure Activities

You inform the reader about your extra-professional activities, your complementary skills, for example, the command on a foreign language.

If your experience is more important than your training, it is better to mention it before and vice versa. It must be remembered that a recruiter has only a short time to analyze your resume, so it is important to highlight your strengths at the beginning of your resume.

Always remember to be organized, accurate, concise and straightforward in your content.

Besides the background, the form is just as vital, because a few seconds are enough for the recruiter to get an idea.

Few More Key Elements to Follow

Do not go beyond the 2 pages for the reason that it may discourage your reader.

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Present an airy document, leave spaces, create titles and subtitles, etc. This is to give an appearance of lightness and to testify to the organization of your thought.

Ensure aesthetics and make your CV original.
Keep a certain sobriety, for example, avoid garish colors.
Correct all the spelling mistakes.

Before writing your content, write down all the items that concern you on a sheet of paper and select the ones that are important or essential and do the necessary sorting to avoid the superfluous excessive.

Each offer is unique, and your resume must be as well. Nothing is useful to send dozens of identical CVs. For each ad, you will need to customize your document. Indeed, depending on the profile, some skills, training, experiences will be put forward, and others not. So customize your resume as needed.

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