Physical pain is part of life of many people, especially muscle pain in the back, neck and shoulders or headaches. When feeling the pain, what most people do is try to get rid of it, try to fight it, either by taking a painkiller, by trying to ignore it or by going to some masseuse, but all these attempts often only produce momentary relief.

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For this reason, I am going to propose a totally different strategy to alleviate the pain in body, which is to do precisely the opposite of what you have been doing so far. It consists of the following;

You have to choose a quiet place and sit in a comfortable posture and focus on the pain you are feeling at the moment. If it is a muscle pain that appears especially when making a certain movement (for example, when looking to one side), make that movement, as long as the pain is not too intense and focus all your attention on the pain, feeling it completely, Accept it, let it be there, and do not fight against it.

Observe where it is exactly, where it extends, what muscles are involved, whether it is sharp, pressing, cutting, whether the area is hot or cold and any other sensation you feel. You may just do this for a few seconds or a few minutes and then repeat it every time you remember or whenever you feel the pain.

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If you have various muscular pains, which appear according to the movement you do, you can do the following;

For example, if you have neck and shoulder pain, look to the side and stay in the position for a few seconds, focusing your attention on pain as I have explained above. Then you change to another painful position and you do the same. As you do, try at the same time to relax your whole body.

You can also do stretching exercises following the same dynamic and while doing each exercise, you focus completely on what you feel.

After practicing a little, you can extend the exercise as follows;

If, while you focus your attention on pain, an emotion or thought arises that may be related to the pain, consider it also, focusing your attention fully on that thought or emotion; if it has nothing to do with the pain e.g. it comes to mind the last movie you watched, shift your attention back to the pain and continue your exercise.

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